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I Wanna Try Being a Dom Or Do I? 0

I Wanna Try Being a Dom Or Do I?

you have come here because you have asked yourself “I Wanna Try Being a Dom Or Do I?”. It’s super exciting! It makes your boy parts get all tingly and shit. That’s awesome truly! I want to encourage you to explore this new found side of you

How Can I Be A Dom / Domme 1

How Can I Be A Dom / Domme

So you want to be a Dom. You’ve had a think about it, you’ve dreamed about it, and you’ve decided that it’s for you. Now lets take the theory into practice. There’s a distance between...

Daddy drop ddlg and the Little girl 1

The Daddy Drop

Ok so we have previously spoken on the subject of sub drop, how to deal with it, and what it really is and how it affects your little or sub but did you know...

I Want You to Own Me 0

I Want You to Own Me

So in short, I want to be owned. The feeling hits me most after a hard play session, when I’m in my little zone. The warmest, fuzziest feeling I have ever known.

If Your Sub Was A Dog 1

Can kinky sex make you more creative?

Engaging in kinky sex may send you into an altered state of consciousness and even unlock your inner creativity, according to a new study. Using a small sample of participants from the kink-focused social network Fetlife.