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A Dummies Guide To Selfies

Yesterday evening I decided on a whim to take photos. It was a race against the sunset. An hour in hair and makeup then trying to pose.

Actirasty Your kinky life with the Sun 0

Actirasty Your kinky life with the Sun

Well, this one I wouldn’t call that weird as fetishes come having one for the sun (actirasty) I have to say I love the sun on my naked body in the morning lay in...

Coulrophilia A Thing For Clowns 0

Coulrophilia A Thing For Clowns

WTF! So coulrophilia technically refers to an attraction to clowns alone, many people extend the definition to include other similar types of performers, including mimes and jesters. Coulrophiles often prefer a particular type of...

RACK (Risk, Aware, Consensual, Kink) 0

RACK (Risk, Aware, Consensual, Kink)

So in the kink world, we have several acronyms and some of them are below now I know, these are just a few & there more out there. We use some of these as...


Dick pic research gets cancels

issouri State professor says he’s disappointed, that the study he had been working on has been canceled and hundreds of dick pics have been destroyed.

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