Author: littlebixxie

Everyday Survivor Struggles 0

Everyday Survivor Struggles

I am a survivor!!! Fucking it up just one time could fuck someone’s life up as much as mine. It’s not that difficult not to be a rapist.

Daddy's Little Whore (Part 1) 0

Daddy’s Little Whore (Part 2)

“Aren’t you being a good little whore for Daddy?” he said with a huge, sleepy smile. Too tired to move, he held his arms out for snuggles and let her sleep on his side of the bed.

Daddy's Little Whore (Part 1) 2

Daddy’s Little Whore (Part 1)

She washed the glitter off her face, brushed her teeth and skipped back to the front room to take her pill with a small swig of Daddy’s Coca Cola.

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