Lucky Me by SpringFlowers Erotic Story Competition Story 27

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I spotted him the moment I turned onto Third Avenue. Even though I was still half a block away, I was sure. He had that expectant look about him, the hopeful kind that could easily be dashed by a stranger not keeping her word.

Hell, even if I was wrong, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to a tall, good-looking man for a moment.

“Wes?” I looked up into his handsome face. If I was lucky, he would be my companion for the evening. “I’m Krista.”

“Nice to meet you,” he said, a killer smile lighting up his face.

Retrieving my extra ticket from my small purse, I gave it to him in exchange for the bills he pulled out of his wallet.

“Looks like we’ll be spending the next couple hours together,” I said, taking hold of his arm as if that was a natural thing to do with a total stranger. I was never forward with a man I was attracted to, usually just the opposite. But there was something about him that was getting through my walls.

Our seats were perfect, dead centre and halfway back from the stage. Wes’s warm blue eyes widened when we got to them.

“Wow. Great score. How did you manage to get these?”

I shrugged. “Just lucky, I guess.”

It was true. I was almost always able to get great seats for any concert I wanted to see, and there were a lot of them. But there was no secret. I did it the same way as everyone else, staring at the screen, hitting refresh and crossing my fingers that everything would work out. Lucky me.

We settled into our seats and Wes turned to me.

“I’m glad your friend couldn’t make it.”

My pulse quickened. Even though I felt bad for Lexi, down with a terrible flu and devastated that she couldn’t be at the show she had been looking forward to for months, Wes was a hell of a replacement.

We clicked immediately, talking like we were old friends reunited after being apart for years. I found out he was only visiting Seattle, in town until tomorrow, and had been dying to see this show.

“I got close to 20 responses when I posted my spare ticket for sale. Yours was the first,” I told him.

“Good for me,” he said.

The lights went down. Turning to the stage, I hoped he hadn’t noticed the color creeping into my cheeks as I imagined what his naked body looked like.

The music was entrancing, but I couldn’t forget about the stranger beside me either. Usually I was able to tune out the rest of the world when I was at a live gig, no matter who was playing. I could get lost in my dream world listening to thrash metal as easily as anything else.

Fortunately he didn’t try to talk to me. I can’t stand it when someone tries to carry on a conversation while a band is on stage. These are usually the same people who have nothing to say out at the bar afterwards. Even in spite of his rapt focus on the stage, Wes was proving to be quite a distraction.

Live music is like sex for me, it never lasts long enough. All too soon the show was over. As the crowd swarmed past us, Wes broke into my thoughts.

“That was excellent. Even better than I expected. Thanks again for the ticket. Would you like to go somewhere for a drink?”


In just a few minutes we were seated in a nearby lounge and I was having a great time. Not being on a real date put both of us at ease. We didn’t have to wade carefully through tedious life details to get to know each other, so we were free to talk about anything we wanted. I was only a little bit distracted by my desire to run my hands up under his snug t-shirt.

Eventually the lounge started closing down around us and we were sent out into the cool night air.

Wes turned to face me. “It’s still early. My hotel’s not far if you want to hang out a little longer.”

My heart beat a little faster, lust coursing through my veins.

“Sounds good.”

A quick cab ride later and we were heading down the silent, dimly-lit hallway towards his room.

Wes was walking so close to me I could feel his body heat even through my clothes.

I hadn’t planned on doing anything about my attraction to him, but it would be so easy now. I tried to think clearly. I had never been lucky enough that the reality of sleeping with a stranger had lived up to the fantasy of it. It wouldn’t be worth it. It would be better to do nothing, to have one more drink with him and then leave, disappointment avoided and daydreams intact.

Wes got a couple beers out of the tiny fridge, handing one to me before taking a seat on the bed.

After a moment he leaned back, giving me a clear view of his bulge. Damn, he looked even hotter that way.

Was it my imagination, or were the front of his jeans straining a little more than they had been before? Not that I’d checked him out earlier or anything. Just a tiny peak when he climbed out of the cab while I stood on the sidewalk in front of his hotel.

“Come sit with me, Krista.”

Setting my bottle down, I went over to him but stood just out of his reach. When I didn’t move he got up, circling his hands around my waist. His warm breath against my neck sent shivers down my spine. A small moan escaped my lips when he nibbled at my ear lobe.

Brushing a strand of hair out of my eyes, he twisted it around his finger before tucking it behind my ear. A second later it fell free when his hand slid down the back of my neck.

Pulling me in close, his lips just barely brushed against mine before his tongue snuck out, licking at my bottom lip. I gasped without meaning to, unwilling to let him know how much I wanted him even though I knew I couldn’t fight my growing desire much longer.

I pressed against his chest, feeling its solid warmth against me. And that wasn’t all I felt. His erection ground into my hip and it took all of my willpower not to tear his clothes off right then. His cock seemed to be a very nice size, at least from what I could tell through all of our clothing.

I hadn’t even realized Wes had worked his way under my shirt until I felt his hands on my lace-covered breasts. His thumbs found my stiff nipples and rubbed at them firmly.

Breaking our kiss, Wes got me naked in no time. I lay back on the bed to watch him strip, but he didn’t give me much time to enjoy the view before he joined me. I only caught a too-brief glimpse of tight abs, a muscular chest, and strong legs before his body was twined around mine.

“Close your eyes,” he told me, and I did.

Starting with my hair, he ran a hand slowly down my neck, stroking my skin sensually. I couldn’t help but squirm under his light touch as he explored my heated body.

Wes worked his way down, touching me everywhere but never lingering long in one spot. When he reached my feet he moved back up to start all over again, this time trading his hand for his lips and tongue.

“You’re so soft,” he murmured. “God, your skin tastes amazing.”

He reached my breasts, making me buck up when he took a hard nipple into his mouth, sucking and nibbling until I could have screamed with pleasure. Groaning instead, I spread my legs wider, hoping he wouldn’t make it all the way down to my feet this time.

And I got my wish. Taking his time kissing my thighs, he settled in between them for a real taste of me. I had a few seconds of worry when he tongued me lightly at first, afraid he might not give me what I needed, but he was just getting started. I relaxed for an instant before desire flooded through me once again.

Having this beautiful man swirl his agile tongue around my eager lips was a lot more intense than I had expected. He knew what he was doing, that was clear, and when he turned his attention to my clit I had to stifle a scream. Very soon he had me bucking and coming hard, moaning like I wouldn’t ever be able to stop.

Wes pulled his head away but he was far from done. While I lay there, still trying to catch my breath, he rubbed his erection languidly. I reached out but he moved away and got busy again.

“So good,” I heard him say. His tongue was firm and insistent as he moved it around, getting to know me very intimately. It didn’t take long before I threw my head back and shook with the force of my orgasm again, and again, and again.

I lost track of how many times I came. When he slid a large finger inside me he finally let me curl my hand around his erection.

His stiff cock was as good-looking as the rest of him, nice and long, thick enough that I could only just get my fingers around it. I stroked its wonderfully throbbing length while he pressed his hot lips against mine in another passionate kiss.

Lowering my other hand down to his balls, I fondled them until they tightened under my touch. Wes reached over the side of the bed for his pants, rummaging around in the pocket until he found a condom.

After he rolled it on, covering his exquisite length, he stretched out on top of me. His body felt so strong pressing down against mine that I wrapped my arms around his back, pulling him in even closer.

Wes gave me a quick kiss, then took his cock in his hand. Slowly he sank into me, filling me up inch by inch.


I hardly heard my name through his ragged breathing.

His first thrusts were slow and easy. Usually I prefer to start out that way but I was aching for him and I couldn’t wait.

Wrapping my legs around his waist, rocking my hips up to meet him, I took his cock as deep as I could.

And that seemed to be all the encouragement he needed.

I was breathless with arousal as Wes drove into me, pulling nearly all the way out before pounding back into me, his powerful strokes getting faster and faster.

Surely he would have scars from how tightly I was clutching him. I hadn’t even realized what I was doing. Up until Wes, I don’t believe I’ve ever scratched a man’s back during sex. I didn’t know what it was about this guy, but everything was so much more intense with him.

“Wes,” I gasped out. “Wes, you feel…” I didn’t know what I said after that but I’m sure it wasn’t coherent. Another orgasm rose up and I came again, my muscles forcefully squeezing his hard shaft. He started pumping with lightening speed, groaning and coming so hard I could feel his cock pulsing inside me.

Wes collapsed on top of me and all I could do was pant. His breath rasped against my ear, taking a good while to slow down.

When he was calmer, he rolled off me. I felt a rush of cold air right before he pulled me close into his body, wrapping an arm around my back.

We dozed off with my head on his shoulder. It must have been a couple of hours later when I awoke to him sucking my right nipple. I reached for his cock.

It was dawn when we both came for the last time. He had to hurry to make his early flight, but I stopped at the door when I felt his hand on my ass.

“That was…” He looked as though he didn’t know how to finish his thought. I knew how he felt. I took his hand and held it until we got down to the lobby, neither of us saying a word.

There was a line of cabs out front. We walked to the first one and I turned to him. He kissed me one last time.

“Krista, I had a great time. Here’s my card. If you’re ever in D.C., give me call.”

I hugged him goodbye.

As my cab sped off I examined his card. There was something scrawled on the back.

Lucky me.


Lucky Me
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Lucky Me
This story has been submitted to the Write an Erotic story competition if you like it and think it should win Comment below and share
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Lucky Me by SpringFlowers Erotic Story Competition Story 27

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