Liliane bird Erotic Story Competition Story 23

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Chapter 1—Why I Lived in the Woods Alone I’m a hippie chick, living in a treehouse way out in the woods of Northern California. I’m completely off the grid, so I can only record my story by handwriting it on long yellow legal pads.

Someone else types it up for me.

I don’t have a telephone, and no internet!

How did I end up this way? That’s a good question. I was a very normal student in a small town. My parents for some reason were very restrictive. I sought out whatever fun I could, and since my parents wouldn’t let me date, I setup a webcam and started making lots of money by hungry males all over the world.

The police finally came to the door. I’m not sure why someone turned me in. Maybe a relative or a friend of my dad’s ordered the service, felt ashamed, and set my capture in motion.

Because I was only sixteen, I was forced to go live in a foster home. They weren’t the worst people I’d ever met, but they weren’t very nice, either.

As soon as I got a boyfriend, I moved out.

It’s been a couple of years since I moved out with my boyfriend. At first we joined a permaculture commune, and it was great fun until jealousy reared its ugly head and I was accused of stealing someone’s boyfriend.

I didn’t doubt that he was in love with me, but I had no interest in him. I found out later he had watched me on webcam before I stopped.

I started to think the porn industry was not helpful to girls, and decided I would forego the internet. My boyfriend and I moved to a treehouse in the woods.

I would tell you a general location, but I’ve found in the past that people come and look for me. I value my anonymity, especially now.

Chapter 2—I Hear a Sound

So last week, my boyfriend, Peter, decided that he was through with me. I gave him a blow job every day. I only showered once a week at a nearby campground, and it was getting stank down there.

LOL, I know.

I could smell it myself, so this wasn’t something he was making up.

I asked him to make up a shower underneath the treehouse. It wouldn’t have been difficult, all we needed was a container for the water, and a showerhead. Low tech would have been fine, and I don’t need a shower curtain. I have never been modest, and felt completely comfortable with the forest deer and birds watching.

Anyway, he just up and left.

I didn’t care, I can take care of my own sexual needs when I need to, and I was the one going to town, getting the food, and taking care of any of our other financial needs.

I had a secret I kept from everyone for a long time. I had made so much money from the webcam that I no longer needed to work. I didn’t tell anyone. Not even Peter.

I loved Peter. I wish him well.

I was reading a book with the last bit of sunlight of the day. I enjoyed reading more than anything, and preferred to get library books then read digital versions on a kindle. I could never depend on digital devices. Once they were dead, it took forever to charge them up again. Today I was reading Emily Dickinson poetry.

I was laying on top of my sleeping bag, because the heat hadn’t faded away quite yet. There was a large squirrel that was rolling nuts across the top of the treehouse.

Another hour and I was almost asleep. I jumped when I heard something… I can only describe it as the tops of the trees swishing back and forth. I thought maybe a storm was coming, so I sat up and looked out the window.

I didn’t see anything, except the trees limbs bending back and forth. Strangely, I didn’t feel any change in the air. You know, like goosebumps, or that odd smell from a storm, a freshness from the shore. I could always tell when a storm was coming, living in a treehouse made my senses heightened. The trees usually turned their leaves upside down to collect the drops of water, giving the trees a different color.

None of that happened, but the trees around me continued to swish.

I kept my eyes out the window, because it was novel. Most of my days were exactly the same, but this day was different because I was alone and a little sad, I must admit. The atmosphere was expectant, I thought something was about to happen.

The sky went dark rather quickly, and I was convinced a storm was on the way. I kept looking at the sky, and I noticed a row of lights that kept blinking within the dark sky. I could hear it, too, it made a clicking sound.

I watched the row of lights come closer, until I felt a rush of wind and realized that something—a spaceship maybe? Was about to land in the tree right beside me.

Now I was scared, the wind  on my skin made my nipples harden, and I clutched the sleeping bag to my chest.

The craft was huge and almost invisible. It seemed like the craft mirrored its surroundings, so I could only see it by the outline of where the leaves were bent. Odd.

I wasn’t afraid yet.

When the wind died completely, and I could see the craft, I could feel myself go white. I thought I would faint. Now I could see it, a black object, not unlike a submarine, hung in the branches.

Now my adrenaline kicked in, and I grabbed my shoes and put them on.

I slowly climbed down the ladder, until I was standing on the rich loam of the forest.

I wanted to run, but found my legs were like jelly. My heart beat so fast and I trembled.

When a door started to open on the craft, my eyes widened, and terror overtook me.

I ran. And I kept running. I ran until I was out of breath, and stopped behind a tree, heaving in air so I could keep running.

I looked back at the path I traveled, and to my horror, I saw a tall shadow running my way.

Something was chasing me!

Chapter 3—I Hide

Now I didn’t know what to do, but I remembered a shed up near the camping grounds. Could I make it inside the shed and hide?

I didn’t have time to answer my own question, so I kept running. Now I was afraid to look behind me. I saw the campgrounds up ahead, and wondered if there might be some campers that could help.

By my best computations, it was a Monday, which means the campground might be almost empty in this area away from the lake.

I saw the shed up ahead, and darted in. Once inside, I locked it, and bent over in pain, trying to recapture my breath.

I thought I was going to be sick, but I tried to slow my breathing so it—whatever it was—wouldn’t be able to find me.

All was quiet outside. I was starting to feel funny, like maybe there was nothing chasing me. Maybe I just imagined it. Is it possible I was more upset about Peter than I realized, and was imagining an intruder?

Maybe it was Peter with some elaborate plan to scare me. But I still felt funny, like something was out there.

I listened, and heard nothing. Was it gone?

I sat down, hoping the shed wasn’t full of mice and spiders. I heard crickets and toads, those basic summer sounds that followed me any time I was near the lake at the campgrounds.

I heard a baby cry. It must be one of the campers.

I stood up and looked out a crack in the shed. I could see the sky, and an almost full moon. I was happy for the light reflecting off the moon. At least it wasn’t pitch dark.

I started to feel silly. Why did I get so spooked? Now that my breath and heart slowed, I convinced myself that there was nothing out there, my imagination had just gotten carried away.

I opened the shed, and stepped outside. I looked around me, and found that it was a typical night.

I inhaled, and now a peace went through me. I sighed. All that adrenaline released, and now I felt almost drugged, like I had been smoking some primo bud.

I took one step, and all the sudden, I was upside down, and a creature had my feet.

Chapter 4—He Finds Me!

I should have been terrified, but all I could do is look at the sky from my wild angle. I swayed back and forth, while watching stars, then the canopy of the forest was in my view. I saw an owl, and he went hoo hoo as if he was trying to warn me.

What was most surprising was my total calm. I should have been terrified, and screaming, but I was breathing slowly, and enjoying my trip back home.

Or would I be going to the dark submarine that had settled in the limbs of the tree next door?

My thoughts slipped away, and my captor did not seem scary. It was definitely not of this world, but I didn’t know what it was. It wasn’t a ghost, or a shadow. Given that I saw the spaceship land, I could only imagine it was an extraterrestrial, an alien. I should be scared, but instead I felt great joy that I was chosen by the UFO for something… some reason. I could only hope that I could be a bridge between two species of the solar system.

I felt so important.

Chapter 5—I’m Being Tortured!

Once back at the spaceship, I did have a moment of worry. The door slid open, and at that point I realized the being intended to take me inside. Once inside, how would I get out? What would I do if they decided to take me back to their planet? I would probably die from lack of air long before they got there, and they’d cut up my body and record the anatomy for future attacks on my mother earth.

I lost consciousness, and when I woke, I was in a large room on a bed. The room had no windows, and was round, like the upper half of  a balloon.

I gasped, and tried to sit up. I realized I was tied down. The shadow creature came to me and placed his hand on my heart.

I immediately felt calm again, like I could handle anything this creature would do to me. The creature didn’t seem scary. I felt like the creature only wanted to explore who I was.

I laid back and took in my surroundings. The creature went over to a table, and picked up a strange object. He brought it over to me, and I got a close up look.

It was a tube, about six inches long and three inches wide, with a longer cable extending from it.

He brought over a bowl of what looked like egg whites, and covered the tube with the slime.

He pressed a button by the bed, and suddenly the table beneath me was changing. It broke into parts, and I felt like I was suspended in the air, instead of laying on a table.

My legs were separated and raised above the rest of my body. The air was cool enough so that goosebumps raised on my skin.

He dipped his arm in the bowl and covered the end of it with slime. I couldn’t call it a hand, because he didn’t have any digits, but if it was a person, this would be the end of his arm.

My buttocks and vagina were exposed, and he slathered the slime between my legs.

Oh no!

Was he going to rape me somehow? I hoped he wasn’t going to try to impregnate me with some weird alien sperm.

I wanted to cry out, whether in shame or desperation, I didn’t know. He put his arm on top of my heart again, and I calmed.

He took the tube prepared with slime, and put the tip near my anus.

He rubbed it with the end of the tube, and it didn’t open for him, so he bent over and licked it with a large tongue that came out of his shadows. The tongue felt wet, and oh, so good!

I couldn’t help but tilt my pelvis so that he could reach my anus better with his tongue. He licked and licked, and suddenly my clitoris was throbbing, even though nothing was touching it. I wanted him to lick my fleshy nub too, but he wouldn’t. Maybe he didn’t know what I wanted, he was alien, after all. My arms were restrained, so I couldn’t rub my clit myself, even though I wanted to. I wasn’t shy to rub it when a boy had neglected it.

His tongue applied pressure with each lick, and then the tongue hardened, and slipped into my rosebud, exploring the outside, and then slipped in deeper.

He was fucking me up the butt with his tongue! I had to admit I was enjoying it. I had never done that before, so I was a butt virgin. I wondered why I had never explored it before. Peter had wanted to stick his dick in, but he never prepared it, made sure I wanted it first.

When I was at the point of orgasm, he pulled out and slipped the hard tube inside of me. It hurt and I felt tricked. He started feeding the cable into the tube, and I felt a wondrous sensation inside of me. The tube was turning, and going in and out.

Now another appendage dropped from the alien’s center. The appendage traveled through the air like the head of a snake, and lodged at my vagina. One part of the snakelike part went deep into my vagina, and the top part of the snake’s jaw rested on top of my clitoris.

The jaw like appendage started opening and closing, and with each motion, my g-spot was stimulated deep inside me, as the clitoral hood was caressed in a way that made my toes curl.

When I couldn’t stand it anymore, the snake applied a vacuum. It was suckling my vagina like a newborn baby!

I couldn’t stand it, and I forgot about the large tube in my butt.

The creature slipped the tube out of my poop chute half way, and then pushed it back in. Its arm-like appendages came out from its sides and the ends landed on my nipples, already hard as little pebbles.

When the appendages on my nipples started sucking, I murmured, begging the creature to stop. I thought I would explode if I continued!

I begged the creature to slow down. I was in pain now, wanting release but not wanting the creature to take any satisfaction from it.

Chapter 6—That Felt…Fantastic!

For what seemed like an hour, the creature continued to suckle my clit with its penis-snake. I could feel my pussy dripping liquids, replacing the lube for the tube deep in my butt.

I arched my back, aware that the pulse of my heartbeat could be felt throughout my body. I couldn’t hold back much longer.

My insides were engorged to the point I could imagine my clit was large as the end of my thumb. It was hard as a rock. Even though I wasn’t used to the pain of an object up my rectum, it felt good now. I wanted to move my butt up and down the girth, just as I would do when having dick and vagina sex with Peter.

Everything sexual in me hurt, at the same time the passion and sensual pleasure was about to explode.

I orgasmed then, over and over. I couldn’t stop, and wanted the creature to remove itself, pull out the tube, remove the snake appendage, and get rid of the suction on my nips!

When I was spent, the creature pulled out the tube, removed the snake, and its other appendages. It fell over on her, and lay heavy on her heart, which was not only euphoric, but also satisfied fully. I felt high, and wondered what would happen next.

Could I do it again?

I had no idea.

I wondered if I would be able to tell anyone, and if anyone would believe me.

Why would anyone believe me? The regular world didn’t recognize UFOs, and they would not believe a UFO came into the forest to give me the ultimate pleasure.

In the back of my mind, I felt secure that the alien did not intend to impregnate me. He just wanted to learn about humans, and I could accept that. I only wanted to be an ambassador to another planet.

Chapter 7—Don’t Leave Me!

The next thing I knew, I was back in the treehouse, naked on top of my sleeping bag. It was as if I had only dreamed the experience. I left the treehouse, going down the ladder and into the woods, and wandered back and forth a few days, full of peace, humbled, and complete submission.

I didn’t know what the world held, but I was hoping my alien intruder would return one day, to suckle me, penetrate me, and I would help him bring two worlds together for the benefit of all mankind.

Liliane’s Bio

Liliane Bird is 25 and lives and works off the grid in a treehouse in Northern California.

Liliane bird
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Liliane bird
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Liliane bird Erotic Story Competition Story 23

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