A swift one

Maybe I’m like the Taylor Swift of the blogging world,  It seems I only blog when I’m angry, upset or miserable which I guess from the serious lack of blogs recently must mean I’m blissfully happy? We’ll erm YEAH!!!

I kept you posted with the situation of on/off/on/off undecided with the person I met literally seconds after my last relationship exploded, well two weeks ago I could relent no more and I gave in. I can honestly say it was the best decision I could have made. All of my concerns, and there were many, have disappeared and I’m having the most lovely, supportive, loving, caring and sexy time imaginable.

I was concerned about several factors, was I just on the rebound and using her as an emotional crutch? How could I possibly invest in somebody else so soon after being burned? How could I risk losing this amazing friend? Well the true fact of the matter is I really had no choice, All the time we spent together as friends just drove us closer and closer together and I had to give into the over whelming feeling of happiness that she created.

So here I am attempting to write a happy blog, it’s so much easier to write vitriol than it is to write sentiment, anger sounds good, it reads well, it opens up so much vocabulary. Joy seems difficult to quantify without sounding like sickly sweet sentiment. Maybe though thats the point, it’s like the holiday sunset that you view from your balcony, you can never really capture it with your camera in the same way it is being there in the moment. It is too perfect and only really quantifiable to you as it is your own personal experience.

On that note I have no intention of trying to quantify how things feel except to coin the cliche that words can simply not do it justice. I’ve learned so much in such a short space of time by being hurt recently that I”m attempting to apply those lessons to my new situation. Never have I been in a relationship that is so supportive, so without selfish motive and so full of understanding. That in itself tells a story as it’s not the relationship but the person who is in it.

I’ve learned that you can be honest, open and share feelings and thoughts without fear of reprisal.

You can be yourself even when that self has many different moods and nuances.

Something that is reciprocated is without doubt the most amazing thing.

You can place your trust in somebody truly knowing that they will nurture and grow that trust and in return give you theirs to nurture and luck after. This is truly a gift.

At this time of year we of course have to remember it is nice to be nice and it is better to give than receive, giving has so much more to offer than just exchanging trinkets

heart chest tattoo with flowers on womans chest with cleavage

heart chest tattoo with flowers on womans chest with cleavage

.  When you give your time, yourself and your love what you might get back in return could be greater than any material possession you could ever desire.

I’ve already had my present and  this one definitely isn’t just for Christmas!




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A swift one

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