Gym he said / she said part two

My pussy is exposed and open wide I feel vulnerable , I keep thrusting my hips to allow your cock to enter me my pussy is throbbing for your huge wide length. You place the tip at my entrance but say ‘oh babe I’m not sure this will fit in your tiny pussy’
I say ‘ mmm baby come on I want all of it’
You edge the tip inside me making me gasp and you can feel my warm tight pussy envelope your huge cock, you wince slightly edging inside a bit more feeling the pressure on your cock, I moan with every extra inch, it feels like you push forever filling me with all 8 inches. I’m screaming with pleasure.
I tell you I want it from behind and you untie me and flip me over then tell me to spread my legs. I start to giggle so you give me a little spank just to calm me down, you admire the view from behind taking in all of my pussy and arse saying ‘god you have the best arse I’ve ever seen’ you caress it with your finger, leaning down to part my cheeks gently flicking your tongue across my arse. I judder with pleasure as you slide a finger inside my pussy and rub my g spot still licking my arse. I tell you I’m coming and you feel me pulsate around your finger, I cum hard and am knackered, you lean over me from behind and say ‘one more baby then you’ve had 3’ you place your cock on the edge of my arse and I say no!

You rub gently and push the tip in, I say ‘please no it’s too big!” You pull out smirking “just kidding babe” sliding your long cock deep into my pussy I gasp at the size my pussy still can’t get used to your huge width and length ever. You fuck me deep pulling me back onto your cock and I cum instantly you tell me your coming with me and we both feel each others orgasm and collapse onto each other 🙂 x




Story Teller

Story Teller

Mainly the story writing alter ego of 'confessionsofPOFer' not always. Writing about whatever takes his fancy at the time. Any similarity to actual people living or dead and all that jazz is purely coincidental. Probably. Think you can do better? email [email protected] to discuss having your work posted or even having your own blog. Think you could sell your work? check out our sister site

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Gym he said / she said part two

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