Care About Your Safety!

I am always astounded by careless attention to personal safety particularly when it comes to men. I have a few sons and they scoff at me when I tell them that they should be careful (They are not little boys but rather young men). Don’t walk alone in the dark. Don’t gallavant through the woods alone. Robbers! Rapists! Molesters! Being male doesn’t mean these things can’t happen to you. Have they not heard of John Wayne Gacey?!

Anyway, beyond that I am also amazed at some of the messages that I have encountered here and other apps. Both men and women need to get to know each other before they both are physically vulnerable to one another. Besides concerns for physical safety, aren’t you worried about being accused of something you did not do?!

I have received so many messages from men that want to meet up and fuck right away. Dude- you don’t know me. Why are you giving me cell number? Sure hope it doesn’t reveal personal information about you. How do you know that my boyfriend isn’t going to show up, rob you, and beat the crap out of you? Guess what? You don’t. But I guess because you’re a big man, you feel you are going to be ready for everything. Um, good luck with that lol.

Care About Your Safety!Not only do they want the sex,they want to tie me up and do the hitty things. I am not talking about doing this publicly. No, I am talking about meeting up at a motel. Why would anyone go and hit a stranger like that? You know, that can be assault. When I was newer at this, I had men try to coax me into doing things that I was resistant to. Not a good idea, dudes. You really shouldn’t be working hard to convince someone like that. Not only is it bad for her, but it can be bad for you too.

I had this ridiculous relationship with a fuckboy that wanted to get a unicorn to join us. It was a terribly enlightening situation for multiple reasons. One girl was young (18) and was very hesitant and scared. He was trying to convince her. I told him no way. She didn’t know what she wanted. She also looked younger than 18. Sorry, I am not going to get involved in that. There was another girl that we found on Craigslist (ugh!). She basically wanted to reenact her rape. I found it to be triggering and so I said absolutely not. But he was cool about it. I understand that this can be therapy for some people but I am thinking there should be more to the relationship as far as trust and what not. Two strangers from the internet? Eh, maybe not. Moreover, I was not going to participate in a simulated rape with a stranger. How do I know that she is really ok with this? I don’t know her. Fuckboy was gung ho and brushed off my concerns.

Sorry dude but you are just stupid.

I grew up in the NY metro area in the 70s and 80s. I was brought up to be very concerned about my personal safety. Maybe too much so but I am ok with that. I think my parents drilled it into me a little bit more because I am female. I understand where they are coming from. But concerns about personal safety (responsibility?) works both ways. Men are not exempt here.

By the wonderful Zara_180 

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Care About Your Safety!

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