Learn The Basics About Lube’s

We are continually curating the best-of-the-best formulations for all of the lube’s we stock. We have high standards for the products we sell. If you see a lubricant sold here, you can trust it doesn’t include any commonly irritating or bad-for-you ingredients.

Be your own best lube expert!

Not all lubes work for all people or all purposes! Keep reading to understand the essentials of these 4 types of lubricant:

Water based Lube

Water-based lubes are designed to mimic the feel of the body’s own natural lubrication and are preferred by many users. Available in textures from lightweight, barely-there coverage to ultra-thick gel, there will be a feel and formula for almost every person. 

These lubes are compatible with all safer sex supplies and sex toys. They may also be used for all sexual activities.

Water-based lubes vary significantly in terms of quality. Some are moisturizing and supportive of tissue health and wellbeing. However, many commonly available formulas are irritating and even damaging for delicate genital tissues.

Regardless of the overall quality of ingredients, some users report itching or burning sensations when they first apply their water-based lubricants. Typically this has to do with a mismatch of pH and will subside quickly. 

Water-soluble, easy cleanup
Widely available, every drugstore
Compatible with all condoms
Compatible with all sex toys
Mimics natural body lubrication
Wide differences in quality
May cause irritation
May include common allergens
Reapply often

Silicone based Lube

Silicone-based lubricants are designed to create a reliable, long-lasting friction barrier for any sexual activity. Most silicone-based lubricants are lightweight and gently coat the surface of the skin providing serious slipperiness. You can expect to use fewer products per session because a little bit goes a long way. 

Silicone lubricants also vary in quality. However, most are now formulated using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and are widely considered hypoallergenic. Users don’t report burning or itching sensations related to silicone lube use. 

Silicone-based lubricants are compatible with all safer sex barriers and many sex toys, but not all. Some silicone lubes will adhere to the surface of some silicone toys and are therefore not recommended.

This is why you will see a notation on our silicone toys that says “Not for use with silicone lubricants.”

Provides a great friction barrier for comfort and ease of penetration
No smell, no taste
Compatible with all condoms and safer-sex barriers
A little bit goes a long way
Not compatible with all silicone sex toys
Not moisturizing 
Difficult to clean up and may stain fabrics
More expensive per ounce than water-based lubes

Hybrid Lube

Hybrid lubes are any type that is an emulsion (or mixture) of two or more of the other lubricant families.

The most common hybrid lubes are water and silicone-based. However, there are also lubes that include a silicone and oil-based mixture.

Usually, hybrid lubricants are creamy in both colour and texture. These lubricants are almost always safe for all condoms and safer sex barriers as well as for use with all sex toys.

Hybrid lubricants are less likely than water-based lubes to cause itching, burning or other irritation. Like silicone lubricants, they are long-lasting and require fewer applications.

Unlikely to cause burning, itching or irritation of any kind
Unlikely to contain common allergens
For use with all condoms and safer-sex barriers
For use with all sex toys
Typically only available at speciality stores

Plant oil based Lube

Users enjoy the ultra-moisturizing and protective friction barrier provided by well-formulated oil-based lubricants. These lubes feel wonderful and contain many healthful benefits. Naturally slippery, plant-based oils are a great choice for any sexual activity.

Plant-oils pose a couple potential challenges though. First, they are NOT compatible with most condoms and other safer sex barriers. Also, because of the lasting power of oil in the body, some users worry about them promoting urinary tract or bacterial vaginal infections.

A well-formulated product mitigates these worries significantly. 

Super moisturizing
Healing and soothing for delicate genital tissues
Natural and often organic 
For use for all sexual activities
Not compatible with most condoms and safer-sex barriers
Will stain fabrics
Typically only available in speciality stores
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Learn The Basics About Lube’s

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