Sex is Changing in Post Pandemic 2022

The restrictions & Pandemic of 2021 made sexual health a challenge for many and this urgently needs to change in 2022.

In 2022 we are going to see a less rigid attitude and a greater openness, experts at sexual wellness brand Lelo predict this year will be full of experimentation in & out of the bedroom. I don’t need to remind anyone we have had two years of uncertainty in our day-to-day lives, sex is our place to embrace a more fluid state of being.

There has been a shift in attitude to being more flexible and open-minded when it comes to our sex lives, this has started to be seen in the normalising of sexual acts, desires and attitudes which were previously unspoken about or hidden. I for one am loving the idea of the world becoming more open, for many of our long time readers or those reading this blog off the back of another post I am sure you will be happy too.

We are seeing an overall approach to sexual wellness being recognised as a part of our total health and wellbeing and it looks like it is finally here to stay, building a foundation from which all future sex trends stem. Our sex lives have been in flux over the pandemic, I have seen a lot of the open kink scene be halted over lockdown. 2022 will see us break away from shame and taboo, and move towards a more open positive shift in education and understanding about sex. With people feeling less fixated on fitting themselves into a model of sex which they think they “should” be.

Below are some of the big trends Lelo predict will be big in 2022, fingers crossed they are correct:

Back to basics (Crack open the text books)

For those with one, there has never been a better time to have a clitoris than now. Though it has been the subject of much scrutiny and confusion ever since we found out about it, what we undoubtedly know is that the clitoris typically loves to be stimulated with a variety of rhythms.

Instead of just rubbing up on the clit, consider using rotating motions that imitate the light finger touch, and provide precise stimulation and light pressure on the clitoral hood. After all, the natural circular motion of a fingertip is hard to beat, as well as all those fancy moves that may have been forgotten kneading, pinching, swirling, stroking, tapping on and around it, it is time to go back to basics.’

Outercourse (NOT just about penetration)

Sex is NOT just about penetration, the old innie outie, for many of us, life at a distance is becoming the norm and outercourse is an ever so increasingly popular idea. Engaging in sexual activities without the actual physical intercourse means different things to different folk. To some it’s, everything except penetration, dry humping, a sensual massage, an evening of spanking and cuddles, or even perhaps even mutual masturbation (my fav btw). Outercourse is a safe sex alternative as it clearly establishes boundaries and encourages better communication for intimacy and pleasure.

You pick your definition of it depending on your reasons for trying it, and because of this, it may just prove to be the best new trend of them all.

Heteroflexibility (Sexuality is evolving)

Come on everyone if the last two years have taught us anything, it’s shown us all that life is pretty uncertain and it is our time to focus on our desires and US. Understanding female desire and orgasm is a growing phenomenon, christ half the post on here are about sexual desire. With this our understanding of sexuality is evolving an important part of a personal relationship with our own sensuality and pleasure is to explore various aspects of your sex life.

The world is so much more open and accepting if you identify as mostly straight, but occasionally find yourself attracted to the same gender, romantically or sexually or both, embrace it, go with the flow. Sexuality exists as a spectrum yes some people believe labels aren’t helpful, for others they really can be opening and give you a name to research and find others like you. Remember though just like with everything else every heteroflexible person is different, and their experiences may look different. What they do have in common is that they help you to make sense of yourself, which is precious and worth exploring.

Anal toys (Anal sex is becoming more normalised)

During the lockdown we have seen a remarkable increase in anal toys, anal lube and the like, anal play and pleasure has become more common than ever before, it is time to take it up a notch and talk about anal toys.

Anal toys are nothing new, they have been listed as the first toys on the shop from day one (it’s sorted alphabetical 🙂 ) but I rarely hear about butt plugs outside their bedroom, people who enjoy rimming, or straight people who enjoy being pegged, it’s time to break yet another taboo and start enjoying the bum fully.

There are a ton of great blogs here by me and others but some bit learns are, lube is non-optional, pace yourself will help with comfort and the erotic intensity, and any toy used for on the bum MUST! have a flared base and be cleaned/covered with a condom before going into any other places.

Pegging (Yes guys you being fucked)

So this is an easy follow on from the last trend but I think it should be on its own, pegging is yet another kind of anal play. We have done a number of posts on it but in a TLDR: Pegging is penetrating someone using a strap-on, typically a combination of a harness and a dildo which has been gaining notoriety in sexual circles for years. But now, it seems like the secret’s out, 2022 might be the year the wave breaks and pegging makes it into bedrooms, in the same way, that the prostate massage did way back in 2016.

As a Pansexual guy who owns a sex toy shop, my love for pegging has been heard by friends and the internet for years, but I have seen a twist and have friends saying they have tried it, liked it and want more so come on 2022 let’s make it commonplace we have a hole lets use it 🙂

What do you think of LELO’s list are you getting ready for a sexual awakening or running under the covers?

Sex is Changing in 2022 Post Pandemic
Article Name
Sex is Changing in 2022 Post Pandemic
The Restrictions & Pandemic of 2021 made sexual health a challenge for many and this urgently needs to change in 2022.
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Sex is Changing in Post Pandemic 2022

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