Body Language Flirting Behaviours You Don’t Know You’re Doing

Your body has been busy conducting some flirty moves for you all this time. Every time you step out and meet with up with people, you may be indulging in the art of body language flirting.

So this non-verbal communication flirting is something we all do without even knowing it. You send a vibe out there, and then someone picks up on it. If you like each other, you flirt some more, consciously this time. From here, things can get even more interesting.

Body Language Gestures Men Do to Get the Girl

The body language of flirting for men is not exactly a mystery. There are certain things to do when a woman you absolutely like is around.

Here are some Body Language Flirting Behaviours you may just find yourself doing the next time you see her:

Body Language Flirting Behaviours You Don’t Know You’re Doing

When you’re truly interested in a woman, you don’t just look at her.

You let her catch you doing it. It may be a bit of a risky move, but even your subconscious knows it can pay off.

A man who is seriously considering going out with a woman wants to drop hints about his interest before he even decides to make an approach. That is why you are making quite an effort to meet eyes with her from across the room. That is why you want her to know that you have been looking her way. When you do this, you send a clear signal to a woman that you are into her and that you’re interested to get to know her. It’s okay to go ahead and show her that you’ve been watching her a little bit. A nice and rather flirty smile won’t hurt either.

Your pupils dilate when you’re interested in the person you’re talking to.

This is one of the classic body language signs of attraction. It’s been said by many relationships experts over the years that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul. When you’re trying to be a good flirt; however, your pupils can serve as the reflection of your secret desires for a woman. You may find it hard to believe, but people typically have zero control over how their pupils move. They can dilate or increase in size on its own. In contrast, they can also contract or decrease in size independently.

According to a research done by Eckhard Hess back in 1975, a person’s pupils will dilate every time they are interested in a subject they are talking about, or a person they are talking to.

You unconsciously put your hand on her knee.

Body Language Flirting Behaviours You Don’t Know You’re DoingThis is another example of typical body language flirting for men. When you do this, you’re letting her know that you are drawn into her and that you want to get closer, physically, emotionally and sexually. Typically, you don’t just go around touching the knees of every woman you meet. This is a gesture that you reserve for someone you are attracted to, someone who you’d like to pay attention to you, too.

One thing that you must take note of is that if a woman touches your knee while you are having an intimate conversation, it may be her way of letting you know she would like for you to do the same. At the same time, she may also be trying to tell you that she wants to get in bed with you tonight.

You like to stare into her eyes and almost get lost in them.

When you’re attracted to a person, you tend to like looking deep into their eyes even without meaning to. It’s almost like you’ve been hypnotised by them and all you want to do all day long is to stare into her eyes.

Especially when you’re starting to develop strong feelings for a person, you tend to notice every little thing about them. Her eyes are definitely no exception. It’s almost as if you’re having a separate dialogue with them. They fascinate you deeply and she appreciates that.

You take on an alpha male stance.

For the alpha male stance, you may put other guys down when she’s around and you unconsciously puff out your chest. You’ve probably got a pronounced strut or swagger when you’re walking her way. You like her and you want her to know what a tough and strong man you can be.

The other thing that you should always remember is that women tend to be more attracted to strong men. When they scan across the room for someone to get interested in, they are typically looking for someone who is standing straight with his chest out, someone who looks like they’ve got a whole lot of confidence. On the other hand, your subconscious may also be aware that women find confidence is sexy, which is why your body suddenly takes on a strong stance the moment a woman you’re interested in is within view.

You may also have noticed that your walk tends to change a bit when you’re around a woman who you’re really interested in. That’s a good thing since the last thing a woman wants is to date a man who walks with his head down and his back slumped.

Remember to always carry yourself with confidence around her. If you can, try to glance her way from time to time when you’re walking by. If you seem to be a bit too shy to do that; however, just look around or turn to your buddy if you’re walking together. Whatever you do, don’t just stare down at the floor. It’s a real sign of lack of confidence in your part and she absolutely would not appreciate that.

You use only a special voice whenever you’re talking to her.

Admit it, you have caught yourself suddenly doing this at one time or another while you were engaged in a conversation with a woman you wanted to go out with.

When you come face to face with a woman you are absolutely attracted to, your voice tends to become quite low-pitched, according a psychologist Dr.Scott Bea from the Cleveland Clinic.

To further support this observation, several researchers from the University of Liverpool in England who did a study involving more than 200 participants with the help of both audio and video recordings.

According to their findings, men who are attracted to a woman tend to first use a sing-song voice when they are talking. It is believed that men subconsciously do this in order to help put a woman at ease with them. Eventually, the voice changes to a more masculine lower pitch.

You try your best to stand out in the crowd just to catch her attention.

Body Language Flirting Behaviours You Don’t Know You’re DoingLet’s face it. There is not a whole lot that can happen between you and that woman you have been attracted to if she doesn’t even know that you’re around. So, what do you do? You go ahead and try to get her attention, naturally. First, you will try to get noticed without doing anything that can attract everyone’s attention. You want to make yourself more attractive than ever before. You’re going to start dressing yourself up a bit better and you are going to pay attention to every single article of clothing you wear.

You want to look so that you can make a good impression to her and even her friends. You may even consider putting a nice cologne so she can hopefully be captivated by your scent. If that doesn’t work, you might end up finding yourself pulling off certain stunts just to get her attention. You can try greet a mutual friend who happens to be seated at the same table as she is. You may also try to show off certain talents you have such as in art and music.

Basically, you will do whatever it takes just to get her to look at you and become attracted too. This is especially true when there are other guys around the both of you who are also vying for her attention.

You tilt your head back just a bit.

You don’t why, but it just happens. Your head tends to become tilted back slightly just when the two of you are engaged in a conversation. It doesn’t matter if you are just discussing a casual topic. The tilt happens without you having to send any conscious signals to your head.

According to Dr. Danielle Sulikowski and Dr. Darren Burke, you tilt your head towards a woman you’re attracted to as a way to make yourself appear more appealing to the woman. This is your subconscious’ attempt to make just a bit more attractive in front of the woman you have had your eye on for some time now.

You get quite fidgety when she’s around.

Body Language Flirting Behaviours You Don’t Know You’re DoingYou’re attracted her. In fact, you like her a lot. Gradually, you will begin to notice that you are getting a little fidgety. That’s simply because you’re developing a case of the nerves. You’re probably thinking it’s the absolute worse time to become nervous. That’s true but nonetheless, it happens. When she’s around you, you start to play with your fingers without even meaning to. You also start shifting your position without a need to.

You then start to run your fingers through your hair unnecessarily. Basically, you have just made yourself look like a complete fool around a woman you like. It may be your subconscious causing you to lose all the confidence you have tried to muster around this one woman, but you have to try your best to retake control of your impulsive actions. A woman, more than anything, likes to see a man with confidence. They can even be turned on by it.

The next time you feel like you’re having the case of the nerves, take a deep breath and steady yourself. Once you feel a bit more composed, take on a more confident stance and flash her your most winning smile. She will find that sexy, no doubt.

You tend to be more protective of her.

You and this woman have been good friends for quite some time now. Then all of a sudden, you realize you more than just find her nice. In fact, you find her really attractive and now, you’ve been wondering if the two you can go out and see where it goes.

To keep your regular company, you probably still tried to keep the mood casual and light between the two of you. You’re still a bit undecided if you want to take thing further with her anyway. This is especially true since you are truly worried about losing the friendship you two share in case a more intimate relationship between the two of you does not work out.

So what do you do next? Nothing, absolutely nothing. You don’t make a move, but you just make it a point to go ahead and spend more time with her. She will probably not notice it too much but, you have become a bit more protective of her.

You now typically insist on walking her to her place just so you are incredibly sure that she is safe and secure for the evening. You’re also the first one to take off your jacket or suit the moment she feels cold. You also don’t like the idea of other men having their eyes on her so choose a secluded part of the restaurant and cafe you’re in.

While some women may take a hint with everything you’ve been doing, a good number of them won’t. Sure, it’s nice to be sweet and protective of her. Nonetheless, you still have to talk to her and let her know how you honestly feel. Tell her you want to be more than just friends with her and see how she reacts.

You spread your legs apart around her.

Whether you had meant to or not, you are trying to mark your territory with regard to a certain woman every time you spread your legs apart while you’re spreading some time with her. This is your way of bragging about your masculinity to other men. It’s almost like you’re trying to tell other men to focus their attention on anyone else but the woman you’re interested in. On the other hand, when you’re already engaged to the woman, you change your stance by putting one leg over the other.

You tend to touch your face often when you’re around her. 

It’s uncontrollable and you tend to just keep doing it. You rub your ear a little or put a hand on your chin using the back of your finger. This is another sign of nervous attraction that you tend to show a woman without meaning to. The good news is, some women may just find it cute.

You like to lick your lips.

Whenever you do this quite often around a girl you are quite attracted to, you are subconsciously showing some of the nervous sexually charged tension that has built up inside you. It may sound rather primitive, but it still tends to happen. Don’t worry though, women tend to find this sexy.

Your feet are pointing in her direction when you’re standing.

Your knees do the same when you’re sitting with her. This is classic body language flirting of men. One thing you should always remember is that the parts of our body located farthest from our brain are typically the ones we have relatively less control of. This the case when it comes to female attraction and your knees.

Whenever you’re sitting near someone you are truly attracted to, your knees tend to point towards the object of your attraction. Meanwhile, when you’re standing next to her, your feet also tend to point towards her direction.

You usually find every single opportunity to be closer to her.

You like her a lot and all you want to do is be near her as much as possible. It’s your attraction for her that has taken over your entire being, even the way you think. Every time you know she’s around, your only objective is to inch closer to her so you try to make that happen as much as possible. You try to sit at the chair or table next to her. You want to stand next to her in line. You even make it a point to grab coffees together. For you, being near her is essential and your subconscious is doing all it can just to make that happen every single day.

You always find a way to touch her gently.

At some point, body language flirting will require some sort of touch, something gentle and not at all creepy or you will risk losing the woman you want completely. This is something you can do a bit more consciously. The key is to get the timing right and to keep things casual. Fix her hair a little bit or help her adjust her scarf. Try to help her take a jacket off or put it back on. Whatever you do, just be a gentleman about it. This way, she’ll fall for you more.

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