Topco Mains Magic Massager

Topco Mains Magic MassagerTopco Mains Magic Massager

This massager is by far the most powerful vibrator we have and it really loosens you up right from the start. It feels great on your neck, shoulders and back -and other areas- but I will leave that to your imagination. Tip: use lube- for example KY jelly with it, as it’s powerful enough to cause you to get/feel sore from the friction. Do not let that put you off though as it does take a little while for that to happen. It can also feel uncomfortable if you have it rest lightly on a area for long periods, as it is more likely to cause that friction we talked about above. If you start to feel numb that’s when to have a rest or move to a different area as that’s the first sign. 🙂 I would say the Massager can reach about 160-170cm from the plug but its nothing a plug extension can’t fix, to be honest.


The Massager comes with a 2 pin plug attached, with a 2 pin to 3 pin UK adaptor provided.

Topco Mains Magic Massager:::Cleaning Ability:::

This can be a little hard to clean if the vibrator itself gets dirty, as there are some tight spots around the neck part, the rest is smooth and easy to wipe down. ::Good Points:: The head cover comes off and can be changed for others. it can be easily washed and the rest of the toy shouldn’t get that bad, nothing baby wipes should have a problem with. It’s sealed enough (I think) for that. I’ve not had any issue with them so far. I would note that I do leave it for 5+ hours before using again though. 😉

::Bad Points::

It’s not water proof so if you do get the actual vibrator dirty do not use any water in or around it as it does plug in. [remember its got a 2 pin adaptor so no earth!!!]


It has 3 settings on the same switch, which acts the same as a light switch or the wall plugs where they stick out with a pivot except with 3 states instead of 2 (off) self explanatory 🙂 (low) seems really powerful for a low setting not that I’m complaining of course. (high) it feels 2x the power of low. I would careful with your fingers on the business end of the toy as it can hurt on the tips. Men, I wouldn’t suggest using it on your testicles it hurts hehe 🙂 but the rest is fine though. I’d just say be careful around any sensitive parts, but that goes without saying really. ::Good Points:: The switch is always easy to reach and it’s resistant enough to not be knocked to different settings, and soft enough so lubed fingers but mainly thumbs can use with no issues. ::Bad Points:: I wish there was a softer more gentle setting as low is still quite powerful but you can’t have everything.

:::Power Supply:::Topco Mains Magic Massager

Plug mains 160cm ish 2 pin needs adaptor which comes in the box but I would get one from your local DIY as the one that comes with it does not hold it in very well.
::Good Points:: It plugs in – no batteries whoop whoop.
::Bad Points:: The 2-3 pin adaptor is not that good it doesn’t hold the plug in well to a point where I didn’t feel safe so I went and got a replacement from my local DIY shop for £1 which works far better.

:::Sound Level:::

It’s quiet for it’s power, I would say your phone’s vibrate sound level, which is very good in my opinion.


It’s really well built which helps it be quiet and I feel confident enough to drop it from waist height and know it would be fine. It does have some weight to it but it is a large device. The outside is mostly made of plastic, unsure what the headcover is made from so can’t really comment. Under the head attachment which you can see in the picture is plastic but has screw holes etc so I wouldn’t use it without the attachments 🙂 ::size:: 30cm x 5cm at the tip with head attachment. Not recommended to insert unless using 1 of the attachments meant for that.

 :::My Overall Rating:::

Well made and feels great, does exactly what it says on the box, love it. I feel proud to own this great massager and I’m going to be buying the attachments and will comment on them as and when I get/use them. If there was anything to really say to it would be “can you put a better power adaptor in the box as the one that comes with it isn’t that good.” The massager itself though, I don’t thinkI can really say anything bad about it! 5/5 would recommend this to anyone!



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Topco Mains Magic Massager

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