Wave your wand? Now that’s Magic!

Ok, so the “Magic Wand” has been around for a long time it was originally  marketed as a vibrating massager for “muscle pain and fatigue” and made by Hitachi. I wonder how many people are using it on sore necks and shoulders? lol . It won’t help you pull a rabbit out of a hat, but it will probably make you verrrry happy between your legs!

The original Hitachi ironically lost favour when it became popular with porn stars as the mystique of what it was for had gone. However times have changed and the Wand in its various brands and guises is as strong as ever.

What I like personally about the Magic Wand is the range of vibration – which was possibly intended for deep tissue massage (who am I kidding) .. but you know women are very creative, so we found other uses for it! I find most battery operated vibrators have annoying, manic, loud, buzzing, high frequency vibrations – not relaxing or erotic! The Magic Wand plugs into the wall, and so the vibration is much stronger than it’s battery-operated cousins.

The only minor complaint about this product that I’ve ever managed to find is it is a little bulky (if you were planning to use it with a partner).   It’s not cock shaped so the size shouldn’t be an intimidating problem.

We ordered the www.youonlywetter.co.uk/fairy-mains-powered-massage-wand

It arrived in the usual you only wetter packaging nice and discreet from prying eyes. The inner packaging is pleasant enough and keeps everything in place. The vibrator comes with a decent length cord and can be used plugged in which is the first difference to normal vibrators the second difference is the power! OMG the power. Whatever you have felt from a battery vibrator this beats it hands down.

The vibrator has a handy dial wheel so you can adjust the power up or down really easily. We all have those annoying vibes that you have to flick through several cycles to get back to the one you want. None of that with this, just dial up or down to select.

Well the first time I placed this on me I was immediately impressed by the power, I figured I would ramp it up to the top level and see just how powerful it was. Well believe me I considered checking to see if it had actually worn my clit away!!! This thing is uber powerful. I turned it back down to half way and pressed it back on. I couldn’t believe it when I came inside 30 seconds and what an orgasm!

It lives up to every review, every expectation and every postive thing you have ever heard. The downsides? It’s a big thing so not easy to hide (who cares?!) It’s a clitoral vibe so would be tough (well for me!) to get inside you. I usually struggle to cum during penetrative sex but this fits on your clit nicely whilst still allowing room for your partner. The rabbit always gets in the way if you are trying to use its ears on your clit during sex so this is much better. No batteries to run out but you are anchored to the wall but the chord is pretty long and you could always plug into an extension if you need to use it in the garden! lol






Girls. Get. One. Now..



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Wave your wand? Now that’s Magic!

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