The Pulse ‘guybrator’


Pulse a Darth Vader-style vibro-helmet for penises

“For as far back as I could remember, I had enjoyed making weird and wonderful sex toys out of everyday objects,” says Adam Lewis, British co-creator of male sex toy “guybrator” toy Pulse. “Some had actually been quite good.”

As a child, Lewis had adapted the water jets in his grandparents’ swimming pool, explored the possibilities of an electric toothbrush and even had “a close encounter” with Henry the Hoover (he told that it involves removing the hose part of the vacuum cleaner and getting close to the “large opening that sucks air into it”, adding that “as a sixteen year old I was rather into Henry the Hoover”.). When he was a bit older, he tried attaching two vibrating “love eggs” intended for use as sex toys for women together to see how they felt when used on his own genitals, which worked “surprisingly well”

After that Lewis — who used to run a conference business and has no background in product design — decided to pursue a career in developing “the first male vibrator that really worked”, collaborating with his friend Julia Margo.

Pulse is based on something called Penile Vibratory Stimulation (PVS), which involves a custom-designed mechanical vibrator (that looks like a cross between a pair of hair straighteners and a pair of kitchen tongs) that can help men with spinal injuries ejaculate so that they can impregnate their partners. Medical research has shown that oscillations applied in a very specific way can create powerful orgasms for men. Pulse harnesses this through something called a “PulsePlate”, which generates high-amplitude oscillations (thanks to piston movement) rather than low-amplitude vibrations. The resulting movement is “much bassier than a vibrator — a bit more like a motorboat than something high-pitched”. The movement is targeted at the highly sensitive frenulum area of the penis.

pulse_by_hot_octopussThe device itself can only be described as looking like a Darth Vader helmet for your, er, helmet. It is black in colour and features the PulsePlate on the base, with two “wings” that curve upwards around the shaft. Pulse can be used a solo toy or as a couples toy during foreplay.

Lewis told that it was a long process to get to the final design. Initially he wanted to use a vibration motor. He went online to see what was available for men and it was slim pickings. “There were all of this masturbating sleeves and blow-ups,” he said. It was after that when he saw the medical report about oscillation treatment for people with spinal cord injuries.He wondered how he could incorporate that science “into something that’s sexy and performs its function well” while making it look “fantastic”. “We needed to take a £900 medical product and turn it into a consumer product at an affordable price,” he added.

In terms of design, Lewis noticed that most other items on the market looked too anatomical or seedy. “But we see Pulse as more of a lifestyle product that was aspirational,” he told us. “It looks more like a speaker than a masturbation aid.”

Lewis hopes that Pulse is the first in a long line of products. “Pulse is like the iPhone 1 and we have lots of different versions in pulse_by_hot_octopussmind”. He wants to develop a completely waterproof product and another couples product where there can be separate controls for the part that stimulates the man and the part that stimulates the woman. Beyond that, he believes that there may be a demand for customised sex toys, incorporating, for example, football club insignia.

“This patented oscillation technology is not just for the male market. We can make oscillating women’s toys as well. Vibrators are old news.”

It’s certainly not the first male toy of this ilk. RealTouch, designed by a Nasa engineer, uses two ribbed conveyor belts that sandwich the member and rotate. It’s designed to sync with the action in pornographic videos. Similarly the Mojowijo is a Wiimote add-on featuring a frightening looking “claw” for self-stimulation. You can read more about it here.


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PULSE by Hot Octopuss from Adam Lewis on Vimeo.

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The Pulse ‘guybrator’

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