Review of the Rocks Off RO 80mm Precious Golden Passion Bullet by Kiss_of_Crimson

RO-80 Precious Golden Passion

Rocks OffThis is part of a limited edition; these bullets, available in seven colours, are basically an improved version of the popular RO-80mm, with seven functions instead of just one speed of steady vibration. It comes in a box that is as beautiful as the toy itself; I usually don’t care that much for the packaging, but this one really caught my eye. A satin bag for storage is included, a thing I always appreciate, along with a brochure where you can see all their other products. APPEARANCE AND MATERIALS I can’t believe how cute this little vibrator is! It looks just like a regular RO-80mm, the shape that of a classic bullet with a pointy tip, but like the name suggests, the colour is a gorgeous glittery gold with the trademark purple details. Thanks to the glitter, the surface isn’t as smooth as that of the regular version; it’s not rough, just slightly grainy… and it’s not a bad thing at all (keep reading). Rocks Off isn’t a brand specialized in luxury sex toys, but the RO-80 Precious Golden Passion surely appears as one, what with its beautiful design and the excellent built quality. My other RO-80 is a very good toy, but after a while the metallic colour began to wear off in some spots, and the battery cap is cracked because once I screwed it a little too hard; this new version, on the other hand, feels much more sturdy. It’s made of metallic plated ABS plastic, a non-porous and phthalate-free material that is body safe, easy to clean, and can be used with any kind of lube. As for the dimensions… with a total length of 3″ and a diameter of 0.5″, the RO-80 Precious Golden Passion is a small, discreet toy you can take with you everywhere. HOW IT WORKS Like the regular RO-80 this bullet requires an N battery, which is included and already inserted; just remove the isolator disc and you’re ready to go! This toy is very easy to use, it operates with a single push button control on the base. Press the button to turn it on, then keep pressing to cycle through the different functions: 1. First speed of steady vibration – This is the low setting, but I found it to be powerful enough to be satisfying 2. Second speed of steady vibration 3. Third speed of steady vibration – Rocks OffHonestly, how can such a small vibrator be so powerful? 4. This one can be described as a sequence of three short pulses followed by a longer one, but it’s very unique 5. First speed of standard pulsation 6. Escalation 7. Second speed of standard pulsation – Very fast, very powerful Hold the button for three seconds to turn it off This toy isn’t the quietest I own (the third setting of steady vibration is the loudest), but it’s quiet enough that it can be used discreetly because it can’t be heard through walls, especially if you’re under the covers or the TV or music are on. MY OPINION I love the regular version of this bullet, even with just one speed it’s always done its job wonderfully. But my beloved RO-80 got even better! I own several bullets and eggs, and most of them are fine, yet this little gem is absolutely stunning. It’s incredibly powerful for a toy this tiny, but not so much that I end up with numb fingers and a numb clitoris; the vibrations are intense but deep and rumbly, giving me exactly the kind of stimulation I need, and they also travel right to the tip, making it perfect for clitoral and nipple play, or to tease any other erogenous zone with pinpoint precision. I also like how the slightly grainy surface adds a bit of texture. The seven modes are all very nice, it’s great to have more choice; personally, I find the 4th and 7th perfect to start with, and then the highest speed of constant buzz finishes the job and sends me to heaven. I love toys that can be used in different ways, alone or with a partner; being so little, this vibrator is a great choice for use during foreplay or intercourse. It’s not specific for vaginal use or anal insertion (don’t use it for that!), but I found it decent enough for g-spot stimulation and to massage the anus. CONCLUSION Pros: gorgeous design, discreet, high quality, easy to use, storage bag included, versatile, different functions, powerful, rumbly vibrations, quiet enough, waterproof. Cons: none I can think of! Highly recommended. 10/10

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Review of the Rocks Off RO 80mm Precious Golden Passion Bullet by Kiss_of_Crimson

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