Cupids couch product review

The testers have been busy again and this time TheSaucyPair have a play with the Cupids Couch.

Cupid couch mini

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“We are always interested in anything that can help you to approach a sex session in a different way. Furniture, swings and harnesses which can help you explore sexual positions are always something that get our pulses racing so lets see if the new streamlined Cupids Couch can elevate us to new heights.

The Chair Lift. Not so long ago the Cupids Couch was stripped right back from its initial bulkier form and made more accessible to people with normal living spaces. Having had our eye an it for a long time the new slimline version was just the thing we had been waiting for to give it a go (or should that be blow?). While we are on the subject and before the very thought of it makes you faint Cupids Couch does come with a powerful electric pump with 3 different valves. Futhermore, a heavy duty pvc puncture repair kit is included just in case you get over zealous.

The final point on the technical side is that the size is very good and will fit in most rooms and when you have finished with the couch you can release the air in the top chamber; as it comes in 3 air sections and hide it under the bed partially inflated for next time you’re pumped up. Once we had the Cupids Couch fully erected, which did take a little longer in minutes that were advertised on the box. However, the electric pump made things easy once we got it going but you have to make sure it is fully inflated and solid with air before you both attempt to mount it. Also included in the box is a handy booklet which shows quite a number of different positions which are achievable, with a little bit of patience and planning. Of course by now we were both naked and ready to try out a number of positions illustrated. As its ladies first she decided to give ˜The Kangaroo’ a trial run and probably chose one of the most adventurous to begin with. This position involved the woman reclining with her head arching back on the bigger curved area and with her legs facing outwards and her knees up. The man in turn stands between her legs and penetrates her and she can control how deep this is by adjusting her legs accordingly and quite easily. Initially we found it quite difficult to get into this position and took a little balance and patience. What was happening due to a number of factors was that she was slipping down to a more natural position on the couch. We finally found the right position which involved the man party straddling the curved back of it and partly gripping it between his legs. This meant that a firmer more rhythmic penetration technique could be used.Cupid Couch Mini

THE DOG POSITION After a while we decided to try something a little easier and a little less strenuous and switched ourselves into the dog position. We found that a problem with the first position reoccured this time which was that the sitting/ lying chamber part of the couch wasn’t solid enough to take our weight and we are of medium build and not heavy. However, we tried pumping the sitting areas chamber up harder and firmer this time and found it to be more supportive once we had done this. Again we clambered into The Dog Position this is basically a variation of the doggy Style position using, again, the bigger curved back of the Couch for the woman to position herself on. However, in this doggy position the woman’s body is almost horizontal and not on all fours like the traditional doggy position. In this position and some of the positions we tried the woman had a certain amount of control over penetration and being able to thrust and position herself. However, what it lacked in complete control for her it made up in a few areas. The penetration and movement of the man gave the couch a bouncy feeling which not only increased the depth of penetration but gave a more unique feeling to sex and penetration than using a bed or normal couch.

Finally, for her the feeling of the heavy PVC pressing against her boobs and teasing her nipples in these positions added a very sexy sensation not only to her breasts but the naked areas exposed to the couch. For the man came a great view from position and angles he’d never really seen is partner before during conventional settings for sex and with the bounce of the couch with every thrust came a deeper and more pleasurable rhythm.

THE SERPENT POSITION Finally, as we had gained our confidence on the couch we decided to make things a little more experimental and try something that wouldn’t usually be possible in a normal situation. We pushed the Cupid Couch to its limits and whipped ourselves into the Serpent position. This position involved the man lying on his back on the larger of the support and the woman leaning over the smaller of the humps. Meanwhile, the woman legs are parted and stretched back under the man’s knees. What made this position not only the most intense but also the most comfortable was that where penetration takes place is at the lowest point of the dip between the two mounds. This position gave great deep lasting penetration as we were almost sitting into each others laps but also and the support which meant we could both move and rock against each other. This put us in a secure situation where we felt we could really let ourselves go but also the freedom to slightly change our positions for greater pleasure. For example, the woman could part her legs further increasing the depth of penetration but also still giving her the support to move how she wanted to. Let me tell you there is nothing like watching a bead of sweat trace down your partner onto the Cupid and run down the pvc to the floor; very intense and very erotic. We sustained this position for a good amount of time and were soon enjoying prolonged, deep, pleasurable multiple orgasms which both ended in us climaxing explosively.

Cupid couch miniAnd Finally In conclusion the Cupids Couch is perfect for anybody who loves to experiment and vary their sex lives and the positions they do it in. The couch will open your sex lives up to new opportunities, positions and even intensities that you haven’t reached before and will give you the support and security to try out all those positions you’ve read about and fell off the bed trying. However, is take quite a lot of patience and time to get used to using this and into the positions you want to get into. What we suggest is not to try all this out in the heat of the passion but have a relaxed trial run when you’re not completely expecting sex just to get used to it. If it does result it sex then it’s an extra bonus but have fun with it at first. There is a slight science behind the Couch approach though as it’s a little known fact that having your head lower than your heart during sex greatly intensifies your orgasm and impending climax. If you’ve ever tried this over the couch or edge of the bed you will know how uncomfortable or even dangerous this can be. That’s where the Cupids Couch comes into play by expanding the ability to get into positions where by one or both of your heads are in such a position that intensify love making and heighten orgasms. Furthermore, the added benefits of heavy pvc material is that it’s completely wipe clean meaning all manner of bodily fluids can be cleaned off easily and without much fuss and if you enjoy experimental and platonic sexual situations you will know how cleaning up can get frustrating and sometimes leaves you in embarrassing situations.

Finally, anybody who has dallied with the idea of adding a swing to their bedroom or a love harness to increase the opportunities and positions for sex then the Cupids Couch is a perfect cheaper comfier compromise. You’ll be finding new and exciting positions to enjoy sex in no time and will be thinking of ways to use the Cupids Couch during the day. Lastly, once you have finished with with you only need to release the air in the top chamber and slide it under the bed; as long as you have about a foot of height under there. 8/10″


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Cupids couch product review

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