“A House of Colours” Part 14 Gifts & Marks

As the days of the week progressed Red had enjoyed and endured experiences beyond her imagination. She had taken her turn to be hung by rope in the living room while Dark and White had been bent over the Mistresses knees. She was lucky to have spent many fabulous hours kneeling at the foot of her Mistress in the library, in peace and tranquillity of silence or with the woman reading to her. She had learnt that hot wax was not for her but a night bound gagged and blindfolded in the middle of the mistresses large bed was an exhilarating way to spend a night despite just laying there with her movement and senses dulled.

She had also begun to find her more practical role in the house. On the few days of White being absent she had been good company for Dark, especially on days when they were the only two left in the house. Cleaning the many surfaces of glass had indeed become a way for her to contribute and in doing so made her feel comfortable about not paying her way in the more traditional way.
One afternoon Red was doing just that, cleaning the glass shower in the main bedroom, a room already full of memories and moments for the girl. Her Mistress had gone out, although not declared where Following her time tending the garden Dark now popped her head into the room. “I’ve harvested lots of vegetables for dinner, it’s been a really good season for it.” Red took a moments break to chat “That’s great news, we will help White as much as we can with dinner as she’s out today again with the Goddess, I assume working in some way?” She was curious, but felt relaxed asking her friend.
“Yes it’s work” Dark replied, the Goddess is an architect, a very good one. She had talked about her last Personal Assistant leaving to have a family a little while ago, White and I overheard one night, she so desperately wants to serve the Mistress, the idea of someone else doing it upset her and after we chatted I helped her find the confidence to ask if she could be considered for the role.”
Red understood this feeling Dark had so perfectly described. The simple desire to serve. Not solely sexual, just the desire to be able to do anything for her Mistress was such a powerful emotional need. Red herself was still trying to get used to the idea of sharing her Mistress, the talk from the Goddess herself had helped enormously.”Er, young lady, you’re not coming in this clean shower with those gardeners grubby hands!” Red gestured to Dark who giggled in reply, “I was going to have a shower actually, in our bathroom, I wondered if, er, if maybe you’d… join me…?”

“Oh.. well um..” Red was a little surprised by the offer but given the shared proximity she’d had with the girls, in various positions it didn’t really seem something she should feel awkward about and she did need a shower she thought to herself, “let me finish up and I’ll be right there”. No sooner had she answered however they heard a car pull up onto the driveway and both looked at each other wondering no doubt who it might be. Red wandered to the balcony and peered over to see the Goddess’s White Range Rover with the driver and passenger heading towards the front door. White carrying a very large box. “Shall we go greet them?” she asked Dark who was keeping herself away from the front window, “Of course” was the answer and the pair ran down the stairs excitedly and waited in the living room.

As the lift doors opened White struggled out with the large parcel and Dark hurried to help her as they guided it onto the booth table. “Clothes delivery!” she exclaimed excitedly as she did so.

Red eyed at the large box, what had Dark been instructed to order!?
“Should I open it now on when my Mistress returns?” she turned and asked the Goddess.

“I think you should open it now my dear, that will be fine”.

Upon opening the large box Red was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of clothing, the majority of it in the bold shade of her designated house name. There were lots of practical items, simply underwear, casual tops, sweaters, but also more elaborate pieces, pvcs dresses and skirts, lingerie, stockings and even a few pairs of shoes. Inside the house the girls never wore shoes.

“Hmm” the Goddess thought “How about your three go get dressed up in something so you all match when the Mistress comes home?” White was still dressed like a mini Goddess in business attire from being out all day, Red just in sweat pants and a t-shirt from her cleaning and Dark in similar clothing, just grubbier from the garden. “We where just going to take a quick shower Goddess” Dark spoke, the Goddess looked at her with a cheeky frown “Well that’s silly. You won’t all fit in your shower together.” White bite her lip but bravely responded “It might be fun to try she looked at Dark and Red who cheekily smiled back. The Goddess decided to prolong the fun a little longer. “No. I won’t have it girls, you won’t fit, you wont try ok!” she answered with a stern tone to her voice and looked away from them. The girls faces turned a little worried at her snappiness. Very quickly though the Goddess was chuckling. Girls you are so easy to tease, I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.” The girls began to smile “But! I insist you use the main shower, lots more room for you.” Red sighed cheekily, “I only just cleaned it!” Dark and White joined the giggles. “Well than you will benefit from your efforts won’t you Red, go on, off you go.”

The scene that then followed was one of gentleness, the three of them washing each other, laughing with each other, chatting about their days, giggling as Red and White took a scrubbing brush to each of Darks soiled hands from her labour in the garden. Gentle, embracing. Cooperative.

When the Mistress did finally return the three of them hastily knelt side by side in the living room. hands behind backs in standard submissive pose, in their complimentary colour coded outfits, only the blindfold of Dark and gag of White gave them their individuality. All three in matching skin tight shorts and midriff baring t-shirts. The Goddess stood in a fresh white gown beside them.

“What a beautiful site to greet me” she delightfully exclaimed, “The clothes delivery arrived then I see”
The Goddess stepped forwards and the pair embraced “Yes my dear, but dinner is nearly ready so no play time until later okay?”
“Of course.” replied the Mistress. “Well I had best get changed myself hadn’t I with you all looking so beautiful.” with that she left the room to get ready herself, while the girls continued with dinner preperation.

On her return the Mistress was now had her hair in a high pony tail. Dressed head to toe in a black latex body suit, covering her arms and finished with full gloves, covering her up almost completely with material around her neckline almost touching her collar. Only a pattern consisting of cuts in the material that started on her shoulders and plummeted all the way down her back and hips, across her chest and stomach and travelling the full length of her legs showed her bare skin through the material, all ended with long black heeled boots.

After dinner the Goddess took her place on the sofa while the girls cleared up. The Mistress left the room for a moment and by the time she returned the girls had finished their chores and where all kneeling in a line in front of the sofa while the Goddess read from her Kindle.  The dark Mistress walked slowly across the marble floor and stood beside Red “Turn to me little one” she commanded and looked looked up her Mistress standing over her. “Are you pleased with your clothes my dear” she asked, “Oh yes Mistress I am, thank you very much” the girl answered with a big smile. “I’m pleased, I do like you all complimenting each other” the other three present in the room all watched the exchange.
“Now, I have a little something for you” the woman holding her hands behind her back now paced around the girl who now felt a wave of excitement at what might be in store, she kept her lips tightly closed. She had in her mind that maybe she would get a leather collar to match the ones on Dark and White, the clothes made her feel very much a part of the group but she was still aware of the silk red choker she wore and that it made her somehow not quite in the same league as Dark and White. The Mistress returned to the front of her. “Hold out your hands little one” she spoke deeply sending a shiver down the girls back as she duly did so looking up excitedly at her Mistress who then slowly crouched down “Close your eyes little one” she said grinning. The girl obeyed shutting them tightly.

On one arm and then the other she felt the cool touch of leather encircling her wrists, evidently not a collar, but this was similarly exciting. Straps where being tightened and fastened and she couldn’t wait to open her eyes. “There” the woman spoke with a satisfied tone, “you may look little one”. The girl opened her eyes looking straight down at her wrists to see a beautiful pair of leather cuffs each with a silver ring on them. They were not solely red as she had expected, rather a black band with red edging. She loved them immediately and looked up at her Mistress with welling eyes.

“Then there is this little one” In the Mistresses hand now was a simple black carabiner. The woman unscrewed and opened it and hooked the two rings on the separate cuffs together into it. Red mocked pulling her wrists apart and the metal bindings all locked together. “Perfect” the Mistress spoke.

part 14 

“Do you think little one that unless you are told otherwise you could wear these cuffs at all times, as Dark and White wear their equivalent adornments?” she spoke sternly but it was still a question, a question the girl didn’t hesitate in answering “Oh yes Mistress, all the time, definitely, thank you so much.” The woman smiled back, “You are such a good girl for you Mistress, aren’t you little one, I thought you could wear your hands to the front or behind you so we shall see what works out best for practicality as well as fun”. Red raised her hands up in front of her, twisting her wrists gently listening to the satisfying cling of the metals as she did so. “Mistress” the girl asked “If I may ask, what made you choose these?”
“Well little one” the woman began as she hooked two fingers into the carabiner standing and guiding the girl to her feet as she spoke, “On a few occasions I ave had to reprimand you for your hands, touching yourself when I haven’t allowed it, that sort of thing, I thought this might solve that problem, now lets test it shall we?” Still leading the girl by the hand she walked towards one of the hooks beneath the lights that Dark and White had been hung from a few days previously. Slightly shorter than the other two girls, Red stretched on tiptoes as her Mistress hooked the carabiner onto the wall hook. The woman stepped back a few paces to admire her outstretched muse.

“Now all you need is three little kisses my pet” and she walked towards the girl once again, this time she meant business. The girls hair to the side of her head was bunched up in the Mistresses hand and forcefully her head was pushed aside as the women leaned her mouth down to her, kissing gently about the red silk adorning her neck. The pressure pushing her head aside was firm but tolerable, as the mistress kissed and began mawing with her open jaw at her neck, slowly up to her ear where teeth took over titillating the girl. Nibbles became kisses that became swirling licks and with a small roar the Mistress opened her mouth wide and clamped her mouth to the girls neck, sucking hard as her teeth rested on her skin. Red felt the rising tingling feeling of pleasure hurtling towards pain, it was a rush for her for sure, not now knowing how far this moment would go. She looked at the Goddess and the girls sat around the room, Darks eyes still covered she was turning her head and smiling hearing the noises, the winces from the helpless Red and the lustful attack from the Mistress. The paler duo both looked on, a patient audience who knew this would be worth watching.

Red felt the heat searing in her neck and was close to shedding a tear as her Mistress gasped and withdraw the hold her mouth had on the girls neck. Standing back to admire her work. The raw red mark that would turn to a bruise. “That’s the first my little one” the Mistress bayed as she reached for the delicate folds of material of the girls new red top, “Such a beautiful top my dear, we shall get you a new one” the girl looked up at her Mistress in surprise, unsure of what was meant by that comment. The woman leaned slightly down and with her free hand pulled a pair of large metal seamstress scissors from the top of her leather boot. Deftly snipping at the air in front of the girls face. The girl watch with a little terror as the cold steel of the scissors met with the skin on her chest as the Mistress cut straight down her brand new top. She felt it slipping down across her belly as a smoothly cut line from between her breasts to her navel was made and the previously taught material flapped open revealing the girls chest. Red was left breathless by this use of  the scissors but before she had chance to reflect on her current state the kisses had begun once again as the Mistress released the grip on her hair and leant down to her right breast, tantalising around the nipple but not touching it. For a second time the the kissing and mawing of the skin became nibbles, followed by the kisses and the swirling, Red was ready for what was likely to come next as again the Mistress’s mouth gripped and sucked on to the side of her breast barely inches from the nipple itself, sucking hard. Red, still feeling the sting from the assault on her neck was about to endure it again on a much more sensitive part of her body. Simultaneously the Mistress gripped her nipple with her fingers, squeezing hard adding to the sensation before breaking away both fingers and jaw and standing back as the girl yelped in pain. She stood and watched the helpless girl, purring as she did so.

Next she crouched before her, the pvc material of her catsuit creaking as she did so. She lifted Reds right leg over her shoulder and drew a line up the girls left leg with the closed blades of the scissors. As she neared the tight shorts it was evident to see them struggling to contain the girls obvious wetness, lifting it away at the thigh, a little fluid seeped down her leg. The woman inserted her scissors and snipped gently a line from her thigh to hip. Once through the waist band this allowed the taught material to hang down, not quite revealing her sex. The women tucked her fingers down in between the material and the girls wet lips just teasing lightly, knowing Red was aching to be touched. She then got to working from the other outstretched thigh, firstly by giving it a hard slap repeatedly until a rosy glow had set in. Each crack making the girl jolt and wince. Once she had achieved that she got to work with her blades once more, nibbling a line through the other leg of the shorts, once through grabbing at the material with her teeth and pulling her head away quickly to that they whipped out from under the girl.

Now the big finish, the scissors tucked back into her heeled boot. She rested her right hand on the girls buttock, curling it around and beneath her as she began to kiss from the raised legs knee along the thigh. As she neared the girls wet lips with her kisses she focused on her spot, barely an inch from the girls aching pussy. She was attentive and delicate, knowing Red would want nothing more than the opposite. As the girl tried to calm herself she felt the Mistresses hand beneath her, maybe she was going to get what she had hoped after all, as two fingers found her moist opening and slide back and forth along to her hood, circling her clit, before sliding into her and quickly moving into a rhythm. She stopped momentarily and withdraw her fingers, inserting next her thumb, twisting and turning inside her only briefly before returning the two fingers to their primary assault.

With the fingers pulsing in and out of the girl once again the kisses on her inner thigh became nibbles, became kisses and then the swirling, her body was sweating, her own fluid from her body dripping down onto her thigh, the floor itself becoming slippery beneath her. She prepared herself for the inevitable bite of passion on her thigh, but deep inside her orgasm was building, the tempo of the fingers in and out of her was hitting the spot, as was her stretched position hanging their with the audience looking on. “Oh Mistress” she cried, trying to warn her. The women merely continued her swirls, but now nudged her lubricated thumb towards the girls rear bud, resting gently on the outside with each little thrust of the fingers into her pussy. “Mistress! she screamed again “I need to..I” the Mistress looked up and the girl and with devilish eyes merely barked “Cum for me my pet!” and with a road she took a mouthful of the girls though into her jaw and began the pain inducing sucking and biting that Red thought she was ready for.

She was wrong, oh so sensitive when there were two fingers pounding her like a freight train as then when she thought nothing could push her senses further when she felt her Mistress penetrate her ass with her thumb. She let out a shriek as her body adjusted to this new sensation as the 3 digits inside of her pushed in and out in unison. As that moment her body gave up, she started to buckle, her hips jolting as she pulled tight on her cuffs that she was hung by. Groaing and moaning, twisting in pleasure, the bodily intrusion mixed with the pain to her thigh and the position in which had been publicly displayed all combined as the women snapped away with her mouth with a roar just in time for the girls body to flood warm juices down across the Mistresses hand onto the marble floor. The woman withdraw her fingers with a jerk and stood back to look at her quarry.

“What do you say my pet?” she barked,

The girl hanging, both feet now straight, her toes finding no grip on the wet floor beneath her, fireworks in her eyes, she felt her pulse and heart beating fast inside her. She saw the woman approach with an outstretched arm, only realising when the slap came across her face that it was even coming.

“I said what do you say my pet!?” As for a second time she struck the girl.

“Thank you” she spat the words out pathetically the first time still catching her breath, “Thank you My Mistress!” she said more firmly.

“Good Girl” was the womans response.

The Mistress’s wide eyes still full of lust, she leaned once more into the weakened girl and kissed her voraciously on the lips before leaving her hanging there as the woman then walked towards Dark kneeling on the floor only listening to what was happening.

The Mistress took the black leash that was laying on the coffee table and clicked it onto Darks collar “Come with me my pet” she whispered, “stay on your knees my pet”. The Mistress reached next for the white leash on the table and attached it to the ring on Whites collar as her eyes lit up. She handed the end of the second leash to the outstretched hand of the Goddess. The two women exchanged smiles but no words and the Mistress turned and left the room leading Dark, the Goddess left with White. Both girls crawling along the floor behind their respective Mistresses.

For around an hour Red hung in her position on the wall, confident that even if she’d wanted to get down herself she couldn’t with her toes barely touching the slippery dampened floor below. She recovered, and replayed the events that had occurred over and over in her mind, looking up at her cuffs and so desperate wanting to see them more accurately, similarly the mark on her chest was visible but she wanted to see that on her neck and thigh. The mark of ownership her Mistress had bestowed upon her flesh.

Eventually Dark and White returned, looking similarly be-straggled as her, White looked more composed and her clothes where in tact as she led the more tattered Dark,  whose clothing in particular had been all but shredded to pieces at the hands of the Mistress. As they helped Red down from the hook Red noticed her friends now had similar marks on themselves. Their necks, both visible, as was Darks bare chest marked as hers was, no doubt both had be marked as she had in the same 3 places.. They headed to their rooms, passed the main bathroom they had all shared earlier hearing laughs and giggles from the Mistress and Goddess inside.

They wearily hugged each other in the hallway, White removed Darks blindfold and her friend returned the gesture by removing her gag. Red looked down at her cuffed hands as White and Dark held one wrist each. Would like us to remove these for you Red?” the paler girl asked.

The girl felt immeasurable warmth inside at the gesture, she felt another massive step closer to the pair, but declined. “Actually, I think I’d rather like to keep them on for tonight, but I’d very much like to start that custom tomorrow if the offer is there?”

“It will always be there” Dark answered. Reds smile said more than words could as the three shared one final hug together and parted to their rooms for a much needed sleep.

Once alone in her room Red went straight to the mirror and admired her 3 marks. Her Mistresses marks. She was her Mistresses property and was proud to display them as such. She pulled the covers back easily with the two wrists in parallel, laid on her back and pulled up the covers. Raising her hands above her head she pulled her wrists taught, twisting gently allowing the metal to harmoniously chink together before finally resting them on her chest.

She slept well that night.

Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 14 Gifts & Marks

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