“A House of Colours” Part 13 – Lazy Tuesday

After a busy day Monday and another early hours visit from her Mistress over night, that left her satisfyingly sore, by the time Red awoke on Tuesday it was already gone 11 and it was decidedly quiet in the house. Light poured in through the roof light window above her. She got washed and dressed into some shorts and a vest top and went wondering to find the others. She padded through the Mistresses bedroom, the bed was already made, a glance up the spiral stairs to the roof office revealed the Goddess wasn’t there working. She walked down one flight of stairs and poked her nose into the peaceful living room, the doors to the decking remained closed, there didn’t appear to be anyone out there nor in the kitchen. So she grabbed an apple and headed down the next flight of stairs but again no sign of life in the grand reception room nor the library. By this time though through the peace she could hear grunts and moans from downstairs, the basement. Only the gym and as yet unseen ‘Fungeon’ down there, so she eagerly skipped down the final section of stair well into the slightly darker basement hallway.

part 13
The groans and noises where getting louder.

“Come on Dark!” She heard the unmistakeable voice of her Mistress and walked slowly towards the closed Fungeon doors imagining what sight might be unfolding inside. “Umph, haaaaaar” she heard next. “Remember Dark power is nothing without control!” her mistress barked. The girl stopped at the door turning her head to towards the doors to the gym where it was now clear the pair were, visible through the glass doors. Her mistress with her long dark hair in a pony tail, wearing trainers, leggings and a sports bra top, holding up her arms protecting herself with fingerless leather sports gloves on, while Dark faced off opposite her wearing similar but with full boxing gloves on.

As Red walked towards them they opened effortlessly and Darks eyes where drawn to the movement. As she did so, the Mistress shot her right arm forwards around Darks neck and she advanced her body position with a left foot stride to behind her foe. Placing her left arm now around beneath Darks chest the Mistress lifted the girl clean off her feet and continuing her motion swung her around and threw her to the floor mat. The floored girl was quick to raise her head as the woman stood over her and held out her hand to help her up. “Focus Dark, you’re better than this” Raven encouraged as she helped the girl to her feet once more she turned to face Red, “Good morning little one, sleep well?” The girl grinned thinking of the invasion of her Mistress earlier that morning, being woken by two fingers inserted into her had been quite the fun experience as had what followed that.

“Good Morning Mistress, Dark, yes I did thank you” the girl sat on a bench. “We’ll be finished shortly, come on Dark, lets try this again. Remember,don’t be afraid of your rage, control it, don’t let it control you, come on” with those words of encouragement she ended by pushing Dark with both hands against her shoulders and making the girl stumble back a few feet before she could stabilise herself. Red watched for a few minutes as the Mistress pushed at Dark, taunting her, dodging and blocking the girls first few blows and landing a few delicate hits to her upper arms in return. The pair danced around one another blocking and defending as the Mistress kept talking “Come on Dark, find it and control it!” she shouted louder and the girl struck out, only for the Mistress to dodge the attack and in return land a right handed punch to her left cheek. Red winced as she saw Darks face recoil in pain but immediately she gritted her teeth and lashed back first with her right hand which the Mistress was lucky to avoid by leaning her head away from the gloved hand as it flashed by her cheek, only for the second blow to make contact with her shoulder. “That’s better!” the Mistress shouted “More!”

The woman purposefully fired a few half hearted blows which Dark easily blocked and avoided and in doing so managed to get closer and strike the Mistress once to the right of her chest and again to the left ribs but the woman defended the third and fourth following blows by stepping back on her right foot taking her out of reach, before lunging back at Dark with her forearm across her chest and full body weight behind it. This pushed the diminutive girl backwards but just made her more determined to throw her self back at the woman with both arms unleashing repetitive blows towards the Mistresses face leaving her no choice than to raise both arms and block as best she could. “Your power is nothing without control Dark!” she still taunted.

Red could see the anger in Darks eyes as she kept on with the hits, lashing out almost wildly at the Mistress still trying to bounce the blows away with her arms. “That’s it Dark, that’s it! Now control yourself, stop now Dark!” Red looked anxiously on from the sidelines as Dark did nothing but relentlessly continue her swings which the Mistress had started to step away from as they battered her arms, the girl just kept coming.

“Control Dark!” the woman shouted “That’s enough!”

Red looked on frightened, seeing Dark fully enraged and even her Mistresses voice unable to command her to stop. The Mistress started crouching, covering her head as her forearms repeatedly took the punishment from the attacking girls gloved hands, she bounced back on her heels and pushed both hands into the oncoming fists and pushed Dark away once more shouting as she did “ENOUGH DARK, CONTROL!”

All this seemed to do was rile the girl even more, as though she was in a trance like state and immediately she was charging back at the woman with her punches ready. As she launched to attacked the Mistress shot forward herself with her hands raised and ready, as the first punch struck the Mistress on the wrist she batted it away and began to reach around the girls body, as the second punch came in it missed the opposing block and struck the Mistress to the jaw pushing her head up but the woman still pushed forth and wrapped her other arm around her using her height advantage and again picking her attacker clean up off the floor and throwing her down to the mat landing on top of her. Once down she knelt up over Dark and pinned her at the wrists to the floor, the girl gritting her teeth, gnarling and growling. The woman shuffling her ankles over her kicking feet. “DARK! ENOUGH!” she shouted as the girl struggled. Red stood up and stepped towards the pair but immediately the mistress shouted at her “No Little one, stay back!”

Leaning down the woman roared into Darks face as she plunged her face towards her lips and locked for a kiss, the pairs heads twisting together as their tongues now did battle, teeth clashed and the Mistress forced herself onto the raging girl, biting ensued until after what felt like minutes to the anxious Red the girl calmed, the kiss became a delicate one. The Mistresses hands relaxed their grip and moved to Darks face holding her gently, until finally breaking off the kiss. The woman rolling onto her back next to the girl, both catching their breath.

Reds Mistress stood first, wiping spots of blood from her lips, she again offered her hand to Dark. The girl stood. “I’m so sorry Mistress” she hung her head low and started to cry, the woman opened her arms and held her in an embrace to her chest “It’s okay Dark, I always know the risks. Are you okay Red?” Red nodded “Yes, if you are Mistress” The woman nodded back, “We’re fine little one, could you fetch some ice please, there’s a refrigerator over there” gesturing with her head.

Red watched as her Mistress tended to Dark first before lifting an icepack to her own face where Dark had managed to land at least one hit if not more. She took a moment in the silence to think through how the Goddess was empowering White to be more confident with encouragement, how this was now reflected in her Mistress clearly helping Dark with her temper. She saw first hand how it must have been for the delicate White when she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and incurred Darks seemingly uncontrollable temper. It made her worry what the poor girl had been through to leave her this way. Now calm had returned Dark was coy once again.

Raven stood and arched her back from side to side before standing straight “Right I think we all need to cool off, Red will you help Dark to your bathroom so she can have a shower, I’m going for a short run.”

A little surprised the girl turned to the woman “Yes Mistress, of course” she answered as Raven nodded and turned from the pair and walked out of the gym still holding an icepack to her face.

Red helped Dark up and the pair walked to the elevator taking them to the bedroom floor. Dark approached her bedroom door as she reached for the handle she turned to Red who stared back at her, suddenly realising she ought to give her some privacy, feeling guilty that she had looked into the room herself earlier that week. “I’ll get the shower on for you” she suggested and began to walk away “Wait… please.. Red, are you.. “the girl paused and turned back to face the girl “are you scared of me?”

Tight lipped for a moment Red was, as always, honest. “A little maybe Dark, but.. not of you, more of what you might be capable of and what I don’t know about you yet, but I’m here now and I feel safe alone with you.”

Dark smiled and held out her hand to Red which she took as Dark opened her bedroom door and the pair of them stepped in together.

“This is my room Red” she spoke softly and paused, allowing her new friend a moment to take it in. Even in daytime it was a darkened room, one wall painted abstractly with splashes of red and black on a white wall with the others charcoal grey. Photographs of a lake and mountains covered the desk and drawer unit with hooks hanging with various blindfolds and face masks. Red knew she had to ask the obvious question, maybe it’s what Dark wanted. She turned to look at her friend who was looking at her as she looked around the room. “Where do you sleep Dark?” she asked with a smile. She was led to the wardrobe door which Dark opened slowly. “In here”. Peering in Red could see a duvet cover and pillows in what was actually a decent sized wardrobe. “I feel safe in here” the girl looked a little embarrassed but clearly had wanted to share a little of herself with Red.

“I could never fit in my wardrobe but I did sleep under the bed a few times when I lived alone” Red spoke a smiled, to which Dark smiled back. “Thank you for showing me your room, now, would you like me to get the shower running for you Dark?” The girl looked weary but happy to hear the response from Red. “Yes please”, she said “That would be nice” and Red leaned in to hug the girl before leaving her in the room and going to get the shower going.

Once Dark had showered the girls walked up to the top of the garden together and enjoyed the sunny day. Joining their Mistress once she was back from her run on the decking. After a lazy afternoon the Goddess returned with White from her second day in a row away from the house finding the trio out on the decking. The Mistress was now reading while Dark and Red laid on the grass idly chatting as the former told Red about the plants and flowers in the garden, how she always wanted to get the Mistresses to agree to keeping chickens or even Bees but had been too afraid to ask. White instantly joined the girls on the lawn edge.

“How did our little princess do today sweetie” The Mistress asked her counterpart

“Very well actually, she’s undoubtedly intelligent, sometimes just can’t believe in her own abilities but we’re getting there” the woman smiled, as though a little more success had been achieved from the day.

“So” the dark mistress posed coyly, “what’s for dinner today?” leaving her eyebrows raised as she ended the question.

The Goddess turned, “Ah now the agreement was you could choose dinner as I am choosing what you shall be wearing”

The dark mistress squirmed,

“Raven! That was the deal”

“I know, I know… was hoping you’d forgotten”

Saffron leaned in to Raven, “Do I have to remind you who is in charge sweetie?”

The dark mistress smiled, “Never… I just don’t like certain colours and you know them all.”

“That’s what makes it fun my dear. I won’t make you wear something you don’t want to, and in this house we’re equals, always.” The two leaned together and their heads touched as they bowed them together.

Raven lifted her head to make eye contact “Thank you” she whispered.

“You never have to thank me Raven” Saffron put a hand delicately to the side of her partners face.

“I know” smiled Raven, welling up slightly “I know, but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop doing it.”

From down on the grass the three girls almost oblivious to the exchange of words a few feet from them, one of them however was enjoying the moment, witnessing the love between the two women. Red felt warmth in her simply at the sight of her Mistress smiling. The white outfit of Saffron with her blonde hair contrasted against the dark clothes and hair of Raven, complete opposites and yet these two people where clearly meant for each other. They shared a kiss, Red made herself look away. Allowing the couple to have the moments privacy.

“There was about twenty people” White said to Dark “And while the Goddess was speaking I was giving out details of the proposed project work.” Dark eagerly listened to Whites day while she sat and held her hand tight. She had missed her friend immensely but would hate to think of keeping her from any adventure away from the house. “Where you nervous” Dark asked, ” A little yes, but the Goddess looked after me, how have you been today while I’ve been out?” White asked the pair, Red watched as Darks face turned a little sad, probably nervous to say what had happened, so she bravely stepped into the conversation “We’ve not really been up to much, a lazy day really” Red held her hand out to Darks free hand as the girl turned to look at her with some reluctance. She reached back and took the girls hand in her own, squeezed both while looking at Red, raising a smile once more and turning back to her friend. “Just a lazy day” she added. “Dark was telling me how she’d like chickens or bees in the garden” Red added, “Oh she’s always on about that but we’re too nervous to ask the mistresses” White explained. “We just have to ask them at the right time then” Red answered.

The afternoon passed by calmly, the girls chatting on the lawn, taking the occasional stroll around the garden together, as did the Mistresses.”Right girls it’s nearly six o’clock, you now what we need to do.” Saffron spoke softly to the girls. Two of whom knew what to do at least, Red looked puzzled. “Yes Goddess” answered White I’ll get changed and get your dinner on.” Dark turned to Red and held out her hand, “You can help me if you like Red” the girl barely had chance to smile before she was being led off into the house.

Some time later Red and Dark stood on the decking putting the finishing touches to a dinner table, set up for just two people. Tuesday nights where always the night that the Mistresses ate alone. A grey linen table cloth draped over a small table with two chairs attending with one draped in black silk and the other in white. Two candles side by side in the centre of the table with flowers from the garden. The sun had started to set and at precisely 7pm the girls made themselves scarce. Watching from inside the kitchen through the living room out through the glass doors. The Mistresses took their positions at the table, both resplendent in soft lace gowns in their respective colours, with dramatically delicate corset tops. They both wore their long hair down tumbling around their shoulders. Raven assisted Saffron to be seated before sitting opposite her. White, now changed into a short skirt, silk blouse and ball gag carried out a bottle of Billecarte Salmon champagne and poured the mistresses a glass each before returning to Red and Dark in the kitchen. She been cooking dinner and now it was ready, Carpaccio was a favourite dish of Ravens, thinly sliced fresh beef, uncooked, covered in a light marinade served with fresh vegetables. Traditionally served raw, White always had to lightly sear Saffrons by comparison as was her preference

Again White served the meal and retreated to the kitchen, leaving the Mistresses to themselves. Red stared through the glass from the safety of the kitchen. She had so many questions about how the world she now found herself in the centre of had come into being as was enjoying the experience of it being revealed to her. she was in no rush. Although a little worried still that her place may not yet be concrete she was living in the present. She was in a fabulous home, with fabulous people.

“Come on Red, we can eat here before going upstairs for a movie or something” called Dark, her blindfold resting on her head as they began to eat.

White made one final journey to the decking, she topped up the Mistresses glasses, serving them each the desert she had made, Amaretti baked pears with custard and yoghurt ice-cream. She stood at the table an waited to be ‘dismissed’ for the night before returning to the due in the kitchen. they cleared away what they could and headed up to settle down for the evening in front of the television.

Red sat down on a chair, while the other two girls sat on the sofa, as Dark unstrapped her counterparts gag White gestured at the gap in between them on the sofa, to which Red excitedly got up and joined them, snuggling down between her new friends, who both leaned into her and they sat huddled on the sofa together for the evening.

A lazy day ended in the house, with seemingly very little being accomplished, but the bond of friendship and love within the family had grown stronger once more and Reds insight into the individuals within the house had taken another step deeper bringing her closer to them.

Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 13 – Lazy Tuesday

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