Which words do it for you?

Whilst sitting poolside in our holiday recently, she picked up a book from the book exchange. She had been reading erotica all holiday and had run out so picked up one that somebody had left behind. I’m not sure of the author but in comparison to what she had just read this wast hitting the same spot.

As I was happily reading my book she kept interrupting me with giggles reading out various passages to me. What was making is laugh so much was the language used. Some of the words just didn’t sound erotic or you just
Wouldn’t use in everyday talk and therefore sounded alien when read from the page.

There was one sentence that was describing a blow job that went something like this :- I gripped his cock in my hand stroking the shaft from tip to base in long deliberate motions, I stopped to sensuously lick the pre cum that glistened on his glans and my sex ached for him.

It was the use of the words ‘my sex’ and ‘glans’ that made it sound unrealistic and made us laugh but then I wondered if other words would put other people off?

Sylvia Day uses a liberal peppering of the words cunt and cock which personally I like but I know the ‘c’ word is still taboo for many, I used to work with a girl for whom the words ‘moist gusset’ was as bad as swearing. Even panties is weird for some people and lingerie can sound too pretentious.

So what words do it for you? How do you want it laid out for you? Do you want Mills and Boon style euphemisms such as ‘ I felt his passion’ or ‘my heat’ do you want scientific words such as vagina, penis, glans etc or like me would you prefer more honest words such as pussy, clit, cock etc?

I guess as always whatever floats your boat is different for each person and you Need to find the style and authors that work for you.

The good news is that love it or hate it 50 shades has open the flood gates and exposed the world to a whole new set of writers.

Moist gussets for everyone!





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Which words do it for you?

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