Alone time

I’m writing this blog as I’m currently being left alone by ‘sir’ as he is off on holiday for a week and I have some alone time.

After being single for 2 years I’ve come to the conclusion I’m extremely selfish and fussy and its sometimes hard to get out of those habits when embarking on a new relationship, as my friend told me the other day ‘you need to learn to share but that is a big Gemini trait’

This started to make me think actually I am a bit selfish, demanding and fussy about everything and I always want everything to myself including my man.

On the other hand I now have some time alone to do my own thing but being in a relationship makes you feel different, I have seen other people in those 2 years but after I’ve got what I want I’m bored and can’t wait to be alone again, but now it’s changed the thought of not seeing ‘sir’ for a week makes me sad and the need for sex even greater I can’t believe I’m not going to see THAT naked body just the thought makes me quiver.

I hate it when people get needy or when people plan their whole week around their partner but now I feel like I’m one of those people and it frightens me, what is happening to me??

Well all I can say is ‘sir’ best be ready for me when he is back!

B x


Anonymous Blogger

Anonymous Blogger

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Alone time

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