A Chocolate Willy

I snapped the milk chocolate bar into small pieces and dropped them one by one into the double boiler. My mouth waters as I watched the candy slowly melt.

Would one bar be enough? I considered the size of my husband’s cock and balls. Hmmmmmm, just to be safe, I decided to melt a second bar. Wayne wandered into the kitchen as soon as the scent of chocolate hit him. “What are you making, sweetheart?” I heard from behind me.I couldn’t hide a smile as I turned to look at him. After seven years, Wayne was still almost as slender and handsome as he was on the day we met. He’d only added a few extra pounds, unlike most husbands accumulate.

It isn’t that I don’t cook for Him, it’s just that I make him work hard for his treats.

“You,” I finally replied. “Oh?” Wayne lifted his eyebrows. I kissed him, then knelt to tug down his shorts. He wasn’t exactly sure what it was that I was doing, but he knew enough to cooperate. He slipped off his sneakers and kicked his shorts away. Then lifted his T-shirt over his head, exposing his tanned, not too-hairy chest. I’d already turned off the double boiler, and by that time I’d pulled my clothes off, the melted chocolate was pleasantly warm, not too hot. I had to move quickly, though, because if it cooled off, it would be too hard to use. Wayne grunted in surprise when I dipped the spoon into the chocolate and then smeared the warm syrup over his cock. It didn’t take him long to figure out what I was doing.

He’d probably thought that his dick was about as hard as it could get when I first pulled off his shorts, but it was at least an inch longer now, the skin on his cock head stretched taut. “Now I know why you didn’t finish your burger at lunch,” Wayne commented. “You were saving room for dessert.” “You got that right.” I painted his cock and balls as quickly as I could, working fast before the chocolate set. It went hard in a few places where I’d spread it too thin, cracking to show the pulsing veins underneath. But it mostly stayed soft and pliable, probably because Wayne was getting pretty hot himself. His chocolate cock looked bigger and better with every passing minute. After I’d coated him from bellybutton to balls, I wiped the spoon across his nipples. His nubs stiffened under the warm chocolate.

Wayne was trying to stand still, but it was difficult. The sticky candy coating was weighing his prick down, pulling at the skin in the most frustrating way. I knew it was driving him crazy. “Please, honey,” he whispered. “Eat it off.” “Not yet.” I said, and went to the refrigerator. I stood in front of the open door a little longer than I needed to, because I liked the cold air on my stiff nipples. Besides, I wanted to make my husband wait just a little bit. I knew that he’d give anything to bury his chocolate-coated lollipop in any one of my holes.When I finally shut the fridge, I was holding a can of whipped cream and a jar of maraschino cherries. Wayne whimpered and braced himself against the kitchen counter.

I laughed as I sprayed his cock with a thick layer of whipped cream and then topped it off with three bright red cherries. “That looks almost too good to eat,” I teased.

The next few minutes were rather messy. Whipped cream tickled the tip of my nose as I went down on my man with obscene enthusiasm. I have nothing against the taste of dick, but I do like a change now and then. And Wayne’s sweet cock was proving to be the flavor of the month. I grabbed his ass with both hands and sucked his cock deeper. The more I licked, the better he tasted. I’m a sloppy eater when it comes to giving head, especially when the cock in question is so well decorated. Drops of whipped cream and chocolate flew in all directions as my head bobbed up and down on that thick and pulsating nine inch candy bar. We’re talking talking premium chocolate here. The sweet, sticky syrup dribbled down my chin and tits as I concen- trated on his throbbing veins.

I just love the feel of his hard and throbbing cock in my hands and mouth. At times like this, I don’t even think about putting that thing in my cunt, all I want to do is to tease that monster for awhile, and then tease it some more until it is just about ready to shoot, and then I grab a hold of it just below the head with my forefinger and thumb, and squeeze it’s neck hard until it has forgotten about what it was going to do. Then I start all over again. After about an hour of this Wayne is pleading and begging with me to let him cum. Now let me tell you, all this is well worth it, you should feel how hard his cum shoots out of the tip of that head, like a cannon.

When I am ready and not until, I will have him flip me over on my back so that he can straddle my stomach. Now I pump his cock for all I am worth, then it happens, stream after stream of hot cum blows out of the tip of his beautiful cock head, landing in my hair, on my face, all over my tits. Seems like a gallon. I must place that cock inside my mouth and suck the remaining cum from his balls.

Well that is my fun for a Sunday afternoon. Of course later on he’ll get another hard-on just thinking of what we did, and it will be my turn to be ravished.


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Story Teller

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A Chocolate Willy

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