Now I know this is a risky subject for most men but I wanted to touch on it gently .

Do men enjoy anal pleasure?

I often ask this question to men and have the following reactions….

No way!

It’s gay!


Cheeky grin!

I dabble!

Not a lot of men will admit it until you get them comfortable in the bedroom.

Sir and I recently tried something new which was exciting for me as I’ve never done it before, I enjoy a bit of anal pleasure and enjoy my anus being licked and thought I would return the favor.
I was unsure how it was going to go down but took the risk anyway, and it paid off he thoroughly enjoyed it which made me feel good.

How much anal pleasure do men like?

Most men enjoy a finger which gives a great orgasm, but would they enjoy more or even a dildo or strap on??

Let’s wait and see…….

B x


Anonymous Blogger

Anonymous Blogger

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