Consenting adults.

We’ve talked before about ‘rape’ scenarios and as a couple we have dabbled a few times. It’s up to you to decide if you think it’s right or wrong, we’re consenting adults, it’s role play and we’re comfortable with each other. I’m not sure if it makes a difference but ‘she’ is probably more the driving force in wanting this scenario and I’m happy to oblige and like it. If it was the other way around I’m not sure if that would be too real?

Anyway the other day we tried a scenario where she walked in, I grabbed her and covered her head and tried to tie a belt around her hands.

She fought back, hard. We had a little rough and tumble which culminated in her hitting my face and drawing blood.

A look from her said it wasn’t quite right, that she wasn’t totally in the moment and without a word everything suddenly became very gentle and we made love.

Later that day she said that she wanted to try again later. That night as we were laying in bed I started a dialogue “so were just mates right?” She caught on quick, “yes I’ve got a boyfriend you can share my bed but that’s it”
Whilst the scenario is ultimately the same the way it was approached and the level of perceived ‘force’ was very different. This time it worked and we both really enjoyed it.

There is no right or wrong up to the point that one party isn’t happy then it has to change or stop but keep on experimenting.

I’ve been a naughty boy for a long time but the level of understanding between us means this is something else. It’s fun seeing what works and what doesn’t most of all it’s fun doing it together.

If you want to try something then try it as long as you both agree and nobody gets hurt (unless they want to be!)

Finally for the record, I liked it when she hit me the pain and shock turned me on but I was aware enough to know that she wasn’t. As long as you don’t get lost in the moment it’s all good.

She has a theory that Chris and Rhianna we’re doing something similar that got out of hand! Rhianna then got the hump. I’m not convinced but I guess only they will know.




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Consenting adults.

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