The return journey

I sent this short fantasy this morning “The return journey….”

You fly back alone. I meet you at the airport, dressed in a chauffeurs outfit, black suit, white shirt, peaked cap, black tie and sunglasses… I hold a sign that has your name on it.
You walk over to me and Say I think you’re here for me.
I peer over the top of my sunglasses and look you up and down. “This way madam, may I take your bag?”
I stride through the airport with you following at my heel. I walk purposefully fast so you have to almost run in your high heels forcing you to totter along.

We reach the car I have hired for the occasion, it’s an old fashioned stretch limousine with blacked out Windows and double space in the back. I place your bag in the boot and then open the door for you. As you step inside I push you hard. You fall face first onto the seat and I slam the door climbing in behind you. I take my hat and sunglasses off as you try to look over your shoulder at me. “Don’t look at me” I growl. I undo my tie looping it around your hands and tying them together behind your back.

You’re face down on the big back seat on your knees with your arse in the air and your skirt has ridden up exposing your pink lacy panties. Roughly I pull your panties to one side and force my finger into your pussy. You gasp already wet from excitement. “You think you can strut around ordering people about do you?” I ask. “I’m going to teach you a lesson Madam.”

The car is parked In a short stay bay right outside the airport and through the one way glass you can see holiday makers and business people going about their business. You feel exposed and vulnerable
Even though
You know they can’t see you..

Undoing my belt I slide it out from my trousers. I fasten it around your neck and pull tightly yanking your head up. “Are you ready for your lesson” I ask?

“Please no” you whimper.
“Don’t fucking speak it was a rhetorical question” I snap and spank your arse hard watching as my hand print becomes instantly visible.

I push your dress right up around your waist, forcing your legs open with my
Knee. I yank your panties tearing them off with one strong movement. The tearing fabric feels rough on your skin and stings as its torn away.

I rub your pussy with my hand hard, spreading your lips with my fingers and with one swift move I yank your head back with the belt and slide my cock all the way into you…..

The rest is for her to complete….


Story Teller

Story Teller

Mainly the story writing alter ego of 'confessionsofPOFer' not always. Writing about whatever takes his fancy at the time. Any similarity to actual people living or dead and all that jazz is purely coincidental. Probably. Think you can do better? email [email protected] to discuss having your work posted or even having your own blog. Think you could sell your work? check out our sister site

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The return journey

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