Naughty girls and naughty boys

My girlfriend constantly catches me looking at other women, thankfully it’s not a problem!

In an attempt to explain I wondered how both sexes feel about it and if everyone does it be it covertly or not.

For me I’ve been single for a long time so I’m used to doing it. Secondly it’s not about compare and contrast more about appreciation!

You can drive a car or wear a shirt or own a house and you can still admire someone elses! It’s only when you start to cover it, it becomes a problem.

I can understand why it could cause jealousy (thankfully it doesn’t) but surely that’s more about making your partner feel secure and safe. If you communicate and are honest it’s less┬áLikely to be an issue.

Remember though there is a fine line between an appreciate glance and an eyes on stalks goggle!!!




Man. Two Kids. Mid Life crisis. Read my brain dumps here. Joint owner of youonlywetter, generally all views are my own. Unlike my brother (Jonthenudist) I think Dr Who is shit.

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Naughty girls and naughty boys

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