How To Tell Your Partner You Are A Crossdresser?

So If you have read any of my blogs before, keeping secrets from your partner can be difficult and can cause major issues in the long term, and at times, nerve-racking. That doesnt matter if it is someone you just met, or someone that How To Tell Your Partner You Are A Crossdresser?you have been with for years. So todays blog I wanted to help you and guide you through telling your loved on you are a crossdresser. Now when you end up telling the love of your life one of two things can happen, First they could be thoroughly thrilled and accepting (the best case), or they could be a bit standoffish (now don’t worry this could mean they may need a second to think about it)

So How Do I Tell Them I Am Crossdresser!

First off, you are going to have to prepare when and how you are going to do it, Timing is everything. It’s best to reveal yourself when both of you are in a clear mindset, and on a day off. Perhaps when the two of you have quality time together.

Method One:

Ease your significant other into the idea. Choose a panty that has a little bit of lace, but still looks like a pair of underwear you would usually wear. If you aren’t quite sure what to wear, our friends over at Biscuit Couture make some great pairs and they can custom make you a pair the way you want it. You can then pair your panties with a favorite bra and a pair of stockings. Your loved one will still recognize you as you and perhaps they may want to step up their game. Really! what have you got to lose? It’s so important to be with someone that understands you fully, and if they don’t, then the two of you can work on it by helping your companion understand why you crossdress.

Method Two:

Display everything that you get ready with. The full crossdresser kit, your wig, makeup, shoes, your favorite dress, or skirt and top. Show the love of your life how you put everything on to become your feminine self. If you are still nervous Halloween is coming up, you can express your desire to dress as a woman, which would help your love to accept who you are in a playful way. Perhaps if it is your wife or girlfriend, she may want to help you since this is something she does every day for herself. The least your companion can do is give you a chance and begin to understand why this is something you need to have in your life.


How To Tell Your Partner You Are A Crossdresser?Through this change you need to keep telling them how much you love them!

Love is the most important thing, and this is why the two of you are together in the first place. Allow some time for your lover to think about everything you told them. Yes sure! They will have many questions to ask you. So be prepared for those as well. This is your chance to tell them even more about yourself. Tell them how it all started for you and how you discovered you are a crossdresser and that it is something you need in your life.

Are you still not sure you want to go through with it?

So I have been doing some digging and found some statistics to muster up that courage to finally tell them you are a crossdresser.

According to Sister House, a popular site for cross-dressers, about 70% of their audience have said that they have told their significant other. The other 30% are still holding onto their secret wanting to share their more feminine selves, but are still unsure. Sister House is an excellent site to learn more about being a crossdresser and get some much needed tips as well as stories from men’s firsthand experiences with crossdressing and still living with their loved ones.

In fact, from a survey that was conducted in the 70s and then repeated in the 90s provided by Jack Molay of Crossdreamers, about 60% of the 1032 participants were married, and 66% had started crossdressing before the age of ten. In addition, the majority of the participants were straight men. About 80% of these men felt like this was another part of themselves to express.

How To Tell Your Partner You Are A Crossdresser?Some points to express are most likely the desire to crossdress had developed long before you met up with your partner, and having to hold onto this part of yourself for so many years can be a bit counter intuitive. Since you accept your loved one for all of the things that they are, as well as any of the ups and downs the two of you may have been through. If anything, this can be another aspect to add to your relationship that can make your bond even stronger knowing that your partner has your back after all.

But after all this there is always the possibility that your love already knew that you crossdress. They might be working up the courage to talk with you about it. According to the survey I found, 32% of wives already knew and about 28% were completely accepting, and nearly half had mixed views. So that is a huge chance of your lover being completely accepting.

It is a bit like a flip of the coin when it comes down to the odds, but in the end it is worth it to know that you are with someone that accepts you and doesn’t want to change who you are. Especially, when this is an important part of your life. To feel whole as an individual by being able to express both your masculine and feminine side without the need to hide it from the one person that is the closest and dearest to your heart.

If you decide to give any of these methods a try, let us know!

Jon the nudist

Jon the nudist

Well, my name is Jon the Owner of You Only Wetter a 37-year-old, Poly practicing, Dom with two great kids. I am a happy busy internet geek with a love of all things Google and I love spending time sitting on the sofa watching the latest Dr. Who, Mythbusters or a movie. I am a nudist mostly at home but do like to go down to the beach and bare all or go for a little walk around some hidden woodland really would like to do the whole nudist holiday :)

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How To Tell Your Partner You Are A Crossdresser?

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