This is the profile of the person most likely to be cheating on you…

This is the profile of the person most likely to be cheating on you...So this list has been compiled from information from extra-marital affairs dating websites to create a profile of the perfect cheater. If you’re dating anyone who fits this profile, they’re 100 per cent cheating on you (well just be cautious).

Their Name is ‘Nathan’ or ‘Megan’ 

Is this the name you call out to your loved one? Well, a 2014 survey by found these were most common names on the website for extra-marital affairs. And when you think about it, it makes total sense. “Nathan”. “Megan”. Classic cheating names.

They will be 39 years old.

This is the true danger age when people feel particularly insecure and are twice as likely to cheat, compared to other ages. It tends to happen in the ‘9’ year of each decade, as a new mile stone slithers its way into view on the horizon. So watch out for Nathan and Megan when they turns 19, 29, 49, 59 & 69 years old. Every decade they are bound to be a lying pieces of nothing.

And this is shown in research undertaken by a New York University and the University of California that found the “9” ages were the most common on dating sites.

Into star sign’s watch out for Capricorns

Nathan and Megan both have their birthday between December 22 and January 20, not that they deserve anything for Christmas. Illicit Encounters, a dating site for married or attached persons, and as I have said before with communication being key ‘Capricorns aren’t good communicators’, which is absolute rubbish so keep an eye out when picking the next mate.

This is the profile of the person most likely to be cheating on you...They live in or come from High Wycombe

Yeah you heard it here High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, here in the UK is where you will find the most adulterous town in Britain. Who knew? Megan chose it because it was ‘close to the city’, all within a stones throw of London.

This data is based on a 2016 survey which found it to be the most adulterous town in the United Kingdom.

Here are a couple of other alarm bells:

Cheating will happen in the period when the clocks have gone back. 79 per cent of respondents to an Illicit Encounters survey said that it gave them more time to cheat. If you’ve got a nanny, Nathan is probably having sex with them. Forty-eight per cent of men cheat with someone close to home, and of that, 25 per cent cheated with the person employed to look after your children.

If Megan’s mum cheated, she probably will too. Illicit Encounters found that 71 of women who cheated had mothers who had also cheated on their partners.

Jon the nudist

Jon the nudist

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This is the profile of the person most likely to be cheating on you…

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