My Vac Bed And How To Make Your Own

So you all know I am one kinky fucker always looking for something new, I first tried a vac bed at a play munch and Our Vac Bed in actionJames decided it was time we owned one, we looked around on-line and saw they really expensive but they were also really simple in design so we just made our own, below we tell you how we made ours but also a bit of safety as well.

Ok but what is a Vac Bed?

Vacuum beds usually consist of a sealed envelope or sleeping bag made of latex supported internally by a rectangular frame of piping. The pipes all have holes drilled into their sides; a vacuum cleaner is attached to the frame of pipes. Note that this will not result in an air-tight vacuum bed, and the vacuum should remain on for the duration of the play session.

A breathing hole or gasket for the neck, head or face is built into the wall of the bag so that the user can breathe safely after the air within the bag has been removed. Some vacuum beds also have other “strategic openings” built into the bag to allow a partner to access (and stimulate) certain body parts easily while the user is effectively immobilised. By varying the thickness of the top sheet of latex, it is possible to achieve various types of bondage scenarios. Thicker latex will result in less mobility, but less sensation to the restrainee. Thinner latex will give the restrainee far more sensations, but increased mobility.

The way they work

The vac bed restrainee enters the bed and gets into position between the pipes and aligns with the vacuum bed’s breathing hole. Then the bag is sealed from the outside by rolling over the open edge to create a seal. When the vac is turned on, the pipe frame draws air from within the bag, forcing the latex tightly around the user’s body. In most cases, the user is left a very limited range of movement and experiences a degree of sensory deprivation. This can be an excitingly intense experience for some people; the bed drastically inhibits movement which in turn engenders almost complete control of the situation to the user’s play partner. Further, the tactile sensations of restriction and physical contact transmitted through the barrier of rubber are highlighted while other senses are dulled.

How do you make a Vac Bed

Before we go through the how to as with any potentially risky activity, caution should be exercised when using a vac bed. It is strongly recommended not to use a vacuum bed in solo play. There is serious risk of suffocation and/or death in the event that something goes wrong. In 2012, Mad_Scientist of Kink Engineering, who was a manufacturer of these beds, died in an accident while using one.

Our  initial idea of creating our own latex vacuum bed

As i said above the idea came from trying it for the first time but James had always had a passion for latex. Touching it, smelling it, thinking about it or being enclosed in it created a high level satisfaction for him. What could be more of a sensation than suffering and having no chance to escape and move as being trapped within a latex vacuum bed? Latex clothes and stuff isn’t exactly cheap.

This how too is going to be a bit lame as the process is super simple first we had to create a blueprint of the pipes frame (below) and figured out the sizes we then used 6 meters of latex  to roll around the outside of the pipes and glued it together we found some great tools and tips of how to work with Latex from
My Vac Bed And How To Make Your Own
My Vac Bed And How To Make Your Own
Article Name
My Vac Bed And How To Make Your Own
So you all know I am one kinky fucker always looking for something new, I first tried a vac bed at a play munch and James decided it was time we owned one
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My Vac Bed And How To Make Your Own

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