The 15 Defining Moments In a My Relationship

My 15 Defining Moments In our Relationship

Ok so today I was reading this article on Womens Health Mag .com on “The 15 Defining Moments In a Relationship”, and yes not all my site I look at contain naked people as some of you have commented before 🙂 so reading this I thought id share my defining points based of the 15 they used. So these are all from memory and I am sure Kat will comment at some point telling me off 🙂

The first kiss.

Oh the beginning well this was a crazy evening of fun and joy, me visiting from Manchester. This was the 2nd time I had seen Kat, the first time I went home with her best friend, this time it was all about her. Sat over the table I saw her beautiful olive skin, her eyes twinkle and her laugh echo around the pub.

RelationshipThe first morning after.

Well this come directly after the first kiss 🙂 well what can I say we hit it off an evening of fun, I discovered she liked a bit of kink that night. I am going to say I woke up by her side but there wasn’t too much sleep involved, I left into morning with her still half asleep telling her to call me ‘Which she didn’t’.

Your first talk till dawn.

Well I am putting this one down as the next time we met 6 months later now I had moved down to Brighton and after some searching around I found her, drunkenly I walk up to her at work and get her number and arrange to meet after. An evening of texting and thats how history is made.

Finding the nerve to say “I love you”. 

Now this one is a odd one we had been “dating” for a while but without the strings and we both felt something but who would be first to say it, now I remember her saying it to me casually sat on the sofa and then freaking out right after as I didn’t say it back in words. What I did do is walk into her room where I did this :-


When he introduces you as “my girlfriend”.

From the day I drew on her wall I knew she was mine and I was hers.

The first time you write “we” in an e-mail to your friends.

This 2nd Trip back to see her parents in italy where I created a group on Facebook telling all her friends “we” were coming back and it still exists to this day 🙂

The first time you fight and make up.

I can’t remember this maybe Kat will be able to cast her mind back, I am sure it was my fault 😛


That first trip together.

I see this as the “Boat Trip”. A bit of a back story when I moved down from manchester a bought a yacht (yea Playboy dreams) and this is where i lived. The Boat trip was meant to be a nice sailing trip to the Isle of Wight but this turned out to be the weekend of the huge london floods and hit horrible storms ended up in shoreham the first night and then stopped when we got to littlehampton. It was pretty hellish but we had each other.

The first time you grocery shop together.

Well with her working at a local supermarket at the time of meeting her, I had to go shopping with her or I wouldn’t get staff discount (no really I didn’t)

The first time he lets you control his car/remote/iPod.

I am going to change car to be boat and this was early on in dating we went out between the piers on a hot and sunny summers day for a bit of naked sailing. Looking at all the people crammed onto the beach.

The moment you see a future with him/her 

This is when she moved on board, about 6 months in we made the choice to give up land and have a sea going life 🙂 and I knew even more I had a keeper in my net.

RelationshipWhen you notice you are no longer primping for him. 

Well this happened pretty quick, we became very comfortable and the fact we stayed on my yacht a few nights a week meant waking up in the morning and heading the showers we got to see the real us.

Going to the doctor together for the first time.

Need reason number 652 to stay fit? Have a long sit in a waiting room for someone you love. You’ll vow never to have to be there for something worse, because now you need to be healthy for each other.

When you commit—we’re talking long-term commit—to each other.

18th September 2011 the biggest day in my life, she said yes well Si as we got married in Italy in her home town of italy with a collection of friends and family around us. It was a perfect day to marry my Number 1.

When you care for something together.

4.30am 26th Feb 2011 the next best day of my life so far the birth of our daughter Aida, all at home with no complications a perfect little baby girl the first of our of spring.

I love you Kat

Ok now I have been all soppy, get your writing hat on and email me [email protected] your 15 points and i will share them here.




The 15 Defining Moments In a My Relationship
Article Name
The 15 Defining Moments In a My Relationship
Ok so today i was reading this article on "The 15 Defining Moments In a Relationship", so decided to do my own these are all from memory and i am sure Kat will comment at some point telling me off :)
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The 15 Defining Moments In a My Relationship

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