“A House of Colours” Part 10 – The Decision

After the energy of Sunday afternoon had subsided, Red was taken aside by her mistress to the balcony on the top floor outside of the Mistresses bedroom, now dressed in loosely fitting silk matching black robes they sat down next to each other on the small snug 2 seater chair and Red felt the strong arm of her Mistress slide around her. She leaned into her safety.

“Have you enjoyed your weekend little one?”

Looking up and gazing into her Mistresses eyes nodding Red had a feeling of sorrow growing inside her.

“What is it my dear, tell me your feelings”

Red took a deep breath and snuggled down into the half naked chest of her Mistress. “Thing is Mistress, I have enjoyed the weekend more than I could have ever possibly imaged, what you have here with your servants each of you, it’s beautiful, the environment is calm, sensual and erotic all at the same time, the girls are so lucky to have you caring for them.” Her emotion was clear she had enjoyed the weekend as her Mistress knew she would. Of course her experienced mistress also knew what was troubling her now, at the end of the weekend.

“Poppy.. would you like to stay?”

Red looked surprised, she hadn’t heard that name for almost 48 hrs and already it felt alien to her.

“Mistress you know I’d love to stay longer but I can’t, I have to work tomorrow, why.. why are you calling me Poppy again? Is it over? It is isn’t it, I mean if that’s how it is that’s okay, you’ve given me such an experience this weekend my life will never be the same again… it’s been like a glimpse inside a dream and I am truly thankful…”

“Ssssshhh” a hand was raised to Poppys lips.

“Poppy, this is Raven now and this is important so please… ask any questions you have… when we arrived I told you outside at the gate in the car that you would have a choice to make on Sunday evening” Poppy nodded listening intently. “That time has come. This dream, it need not end” Poppy looked confused “but Mistress, Raven… I have work”

“Not if you don’t want to… The choice is simple.. if you say our word your trip into wonderland ends, I take you home and you return to the life you knew before or, in simple terms you stay with us.” Poppy still looked unsure “How can I stay with you? I have work and .. and..” Poppy was struggling to think of what in her life she’d truly miss.. but nothing seemed to come to mind quickly “I can’t live here can I! Can I?”

“But of course you can Poppy, that is our invite.. for you to join us here for as long or as little as you like.. it has to be all or nothing, we can’t have the instability of visitors to the family on weekends only, we live in a balanced calm way governed by our own guidelines, but you wouldn’t be trapped here… Iris and Daisy can leave any time they wish, they are not held here against their will, they choose to stay.” It seemed strange to hear the girls names, after their introductions she had almost forgotten them because she’d heard nothing but their house names all weekend.

Poppys head filled with logic and sense, her job her apartment, her few friends, her surf board… what about money? “How do I pay my way?” She asked

“This house doesn’t clean itself” Raven smiled, “but the girls aren’t slaves, we are a family, imagine it as being a child again and doing chores around the house, with all the stress of having to work and earn money to pay for rent taken away from you, money is earned a couple of ways by Saffron and I, that takes care of the boring stuff imposed on us by living in modern society, that way inside these gates we live as we want to… we live as you have seen us this weekend.. above all that we live as a loving family unit within which we all understand our roles… Poppy if you stay you will never need work again, never worry about paying your rent and you will never be alone”

Poppys head was spinning, as though Raven had run through a check list of all she’d ever wanted in her life, to belong somewhere, to be loved, and to have somewhere she could call home.

“Stay out here, think about it, it really is as simple as I have stated, we will take the worries out of your life for you in return for your company.. and if you decide it’s not working one word takes you back to where you were before we met.. I realise that’s a big choice.. Like entering the house Friday, this is your decision and only you can make it… if you agree to stay we will help you close your affairs with work and so on and then when you return that’s it until you decide to leave..

If you have no more questions I’ll give you time to think and decide, unless you rather I stayed or I can get one of the others to come and keep you company, maybe talk to Dark or White?”

The idea was running around Poppys’ head, if she had been asked the same question before entering the house she would have laughed it off, but she’d seen it now, she could see how it worked, this little oasis of nirvana that she’d found, she saw how happy the girls where, how White had a near permanent smile on the rare occasion her gag was out of her mouth because she had found her sense of belonging and friendship, how Dark felt safe enough with the protection offered by the family to walk unsighted around the environment and didn’t have to look over her shoulder in fear.

“Just give me a moment then, I’ll come find you shortly” Poppy smiled and her Mistress put her hand up onto her cheek and stroked it gently, trailing her fingers down to the Red silk around her neck “don’t rush, take your time sweetie” with that she stood and walked out through the bedroom.

part 10

Poppy stood up on the balcony, her robe swaying in the light evening breeze, she leaned on the hand rail and looked out across the valley of houses ahead of her, looked at the reality outside the gates and thought of her own existence. Practical thoughts rushed in and out of her head, the madness of it all, living a life of fantasy, this wasn’t real, this was surely role play taken to the extreme, on the other hand she hadn’t felt so alive in her whole life than when she was with her Mistress and on no occasion had she once been fearful for her safety.

She thought about how her living in the house would impact on the current harmony that existed. The thought that her presence may risk anyone’s happiness worried her. At the same time she recalled the conversation with the Goddess the previous day in the library about love, how aiming for what you want in life should never be dismissed no matter what. She had always acted selflessly around others, valuing other peoples happiness over her own, but then she’d been the one to go home alone and the thought of returning to that lifestyle without seeing her Mistress again was an equally uncomfortable thought.

Ultimately it was a battle of head over heart, she had to think clearly and after a torturous hour she took a final look a the view, recollected the memories of the weekend which she would carry with her always and walked back through the bedroom to find the others. She took the stunning spiral staircase down the single flight to the living room where she found the others.

Resplendent in her white satin robe draped across a sofa was Saffron, with one hand propping her head and the other holding the girls leashes, White and Dark themselves kneeling in front of her on the rug covering the marble, hands crossed behind their backs while watching the giant television screen, Darks blindfold raised permitting her to see, and White still with her mouth gag in.

Raven stood by the window, Poppy hadn’t realised at the time, but more anxious of the moment than any of them. She knew she could have convinced Poppy to stay, unfairly so, she was a mistress of persuasion after all, yet she had tried her hardest with Poppy not to influence her decision, just show her the door and see if she chose to walk through it.

“I.. I’ve made my decision” Poppy chirped out and swallowed hard.

Four pairs of eyes turned simultaneously.

Saffron and the girls held their positions and waited patiently, calmly, as Raven walked slowly towards her stopping opposite her, she was devoid of the emotional cues shown upstairs, with her purposeful stern look about her now, arms crossed tight to her chest, this was Poppys Mistress.

“I’ve thought long and hard about your proposal, to come and live a seemingly fantasy life with you and try and become a part of a family, but something about living in almost a virtual reality… well… it is a big decision and it’s taken me a while to decide… that … if you’ll have me I would very much like to stay please Mistresses” Poppy nodded acknowledgement to Saffron who simply smiled back nodding.

As Poppy turned to look up at Raven the stern look on her face remained, but as she took a deep breath in and raised her chest and head Poppy was sure she saw a tear in her eye and a twitch in her cheeks failing to hide a smile. She remained silent.

Saffron tapped the girls on the shoulders, dropped their leash ends and with an encouraging “go on then girls, let’s welcome her properly” both White and Dark leapt up like puppies from their positions and hurtled towards Poppy, their leashes flailing, as Saffron herself stood up and walked behind them. Dark and White clung to each side of Poppy who reciprocated their hugs, swinging around each other like children falling onto the sofa, laughing and giggling, the three of them all smiles.

Saffron stood beside Raven and they laced fingers in a seemingly unspoken yet synchronised moment and watched the happy trio before them. As they did so they turned to each other and smiled into one anothers eyes, feeling the moment of happiness in their girls was the highest reward attainable.

“Right girls, you two come help me get some champagne and glasses, we should celebrate with a drink I feel.” Saffron let got of Ravens hand and held it out in front of her, White and Dark obediently came straight to her and handed her their respective leash ends, Dark flipping down her blindfold, the pair turned and the three of them started walking out towards the kitchen leaving Poppy alone with Raven.

Poppy watched them walk out of sight, taking in what many people may have thought ridiculous behaviour but she had seen enough, she understood, she wanted to be part of it. She turned to Raven, still standing firm and emotionless but as their eyes met and Poppy looked up with a shy smile and uttered the words “My Mistress” Raven slipped, she relaxed into a smile and held her arms open to which Poppy launched herself into, her Mistress picking her up clean off the floor as she did their naked skin touching as their robes opened and swirled about their bodies. Her arms wrapped tightly around her it was clear Poppys decision was well received by her Mistress.

“Thank you Poppy, thank you for your trust, I promise you won’t regret it and in this family you will always feel loved” Raven placed Poppy down on the floor, holding her arms, smiling straight at her…

“But Mistress, I should thank you, after all it was you who chose me, and I will make sure it is you who doesn’t regret doing that, I never wish to cause upset to anyone in this house and I do really want to be here, with you”.

At that moment the trio came back led by Saffron, with White proudly carrying a glass tray with 5 tall fluted crystal glasses on them, Dark walking behind, clutching a bottle of champagne in one arm with her other hand on Whites shoulder allowing herself to be led as usual. They headed over to one of the sofas where the girls placed everything on the low sleek glass coffee table and took their places kneeling on the floor once again as Saffron took to her seat.

Raven marched to the large armchair and Poppy immediately knelt in front of it as she had done Saturday night, before sitting Raven reached for the bottle “Billecart Salmon, my favourite” She masterfully popped the cork with minimum effort and poured the 5 glasses “White could you serve dear” at which point White popped up off her knees and handed the glasses round, being sure to place one carefully into Darks unsighted hands. Saffron stood up, but the girls stayed kneeling, Poppy knew to mimic what the girls did if in doubt at what to do. “Raven would you like to say something” she gestured knowingly.

“Well I will be brief… only that I know speak for all of us when I say…” she glanced around the room and spotted Whites eyes gesturing frustration “er Dark could you undo Whites’ gag for a moment please” Dark smiled as she carefully placed her glass on the large glass coffee table reached out for White and found the straps behind her neck, deftly undoing one them despite her shielded vision, allowing the ball to pop out of her jaw and hang resting on her left cheek. White breathed a sigh and smiled and held up her glass ready while Dark found hers once again on the table and held it up herself.

“So” continued Raven, ” I just wish for us all to raise our glasses to welcome our new family member” she turned to face Poppy, “we are all delighted you have decided to join us, to Red, may your time here be purely pleasurable” all 3 remaining voices in chorus repeated ” To Red!” and with that everyone drank together.

“Now, a proper treat I think” barked Raven

“Clear the table Red and lay down on it on your back, head here” as she leaned forwards tapping the finger nail of her index finger on the cool surface.

Red hopped onto the glass slab placing her head on the spot her mistress had tapped, instinctively raised her hands up besides her head.

Saffron swung her legs off the sofa and demurely perched herself on the left edge of the table, “Dark move to the edge of the table dear” she spoke as she gestured to White to take position opposite her, with Raven taking her place over here head.
The Mistress spoke “Close your eyes my pet, we will stop if we see them open before I say so and you will be punished”

With that Red widened her eyes and immediately closed them, a tight lipped smile contained in her face. Slowly she started to feel fingertips touching her lightly all over her body… she relaxed and let herself go.. Three thoughts entered her mind as she lay there feeling stimulus from every angle.. firstly that she had made the right decision and secondly secretly looking forward to opening her eyes on purpose before asked, knowing she would enjoy equally the punishment her mistress would unleash on her.. thirdly and most importantly she was back to being Red again.

Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 10 – The Decision

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