Sex on Ecstasy

More from our sex and drugs series. This time one person’s experiences on ecstasy. (We need to remind you that drug taking is illegal and dangerous and in no way condoned by us)

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Sexstasyd Drugs series here with an individuals take on his experiences on Ecstasy and having sex. (We need to point out that drug use is illegal and highly dangerous)

Let me give you some background on myself first… 

I started doing MDMA when I was in my sophomore year of highschool. I never used more then once every two weeks and seldom more then one pill at a time. I have never had a bad trip, provided the pills were mostly MDMA (I heaved uncontrollably when I took a yellow RN which I later discovered to be mostly composed of DXM). I am a year round athlete and a good student. I believe I have no real problems with lack of morals and/or mentalstate. The only, possibly deviant part of my character is the fact that I was brought up in a household where rules were always made clear…therefore when issues (such as sex) were ignored, I felt free to explore them. I went through early puberty (Stopped growing in 6th grade/fully developed bass voice/pubic hair, the works) and I warrant this to be part of the reason I started having sex at 13. I guess I’m wondering if this early experience plays a part in what I’m about to describe… 

My Experiences (emotional): 

First and foremost, unlike most of the articles I’ve been reading I have never (in the 100+ times I’ve done X) had a problem with erectile function… in fact I’ve experienced an almost opposite reaction. After about 2 hours into my trip (while still rising but not quite peaking) I have enormous sexual urges, this lasts my entire time on X. Almost to the point where I feel hungry for sex. This in and of itself would not be horrible, because I realize that I leave most of my inhibition behind once I swallow that pill. However, if I do not within the 8 hour period (approximately) of my high, have sex, then I feel depressed and quite upset at the world. I in fact feel unsatisfied with myself and my MDMA experience. I can’t really figure out… I was wondering if anyone else feels this almost, ‘Conquest’ to find someone both willing and attractive to have sex with… 

The Physical Part:

Yes, just like everyone else my penis shrinks to 1/3 of it’s flacid size while I’m rolling… but as I said earlier in this post… erection is not only possible, but common for me throughout my experience. This is sometimes quite troubling because I am arroused so easily through massages and almost any physical contact (when I roll I usually wear windbreaker material because I feel like it heightens my sense of touch) and walking around erect in windbreakers can be nervewracking. This usually means I end up flooring it and sitting down.

The times that I do have sex, like many others, I experience a heightened sense of pleasure as well as a far longer sexual stamina. However, during sex while on MDMA I find that my erection is harder and that my penis is longer while erect then normally. I thought at first there might be a rise in testosterone (as I also find that if I roll, my hair grows faster… which very well be completely unique to me) or I might just be imagining it. So with that I measured myself 10 times while erect in mildly/very/extremely turned on situations and took an average. (hey what other way is there to tell?). Then the following 5 times I rolled and had an erection, I measured and averaged. I found that (just in length) my erection was just about 1 1/4 inches longer. I cannot figure out if it’s the X or if it’s my mental state… or if these trials, although I attempted to be scientific, are just plain flawed. I’d also like to point out, that I my sober erections were all within 1/2 inch of each other and that I’ve never had a sober erection in my knowledge that came even close to my experiences while on MDMA.

Taken from posted by ODIN

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Sex on Ecstasy

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