Khrys Thomas Erotic Story Competition Story 5

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I walked through the door of my flat, dropped my keys and bills onto the hallway table, and headed into the kitchen in search of a drink.  Wandering into the living room, a cold Barr Cola in one hand, it took me some time to notice the woman sitting quietly on my sofa.  My first instinct was to ring the police, but I remembered that I’d left my cellphone in the kitchen on the charger.  While I was pondering my next move, I recognized the young woman as the new neighbor who’d moved into the flat next door just the week before.  I started to say something to her, but once I realized that she was not merely sitting on my sofa, and her hands were in fact quite busy underneath her skirt, I dropped in to the nearest overstuffed chair to enjoy the show.

At first I couldn’t see anything under her skirt.  The soft material was moving back and forth with every motion of her hand.  My mind filled in the missing visual; her fingers playing lightly across her neatly trimmed bush, dipping into her wet slit and rubbing across her swollen clit.  There was a hitch in her breathing and she suddenly moved her legs apart.  I was greeted with the perfect view of her playing with herself.  I had been mistaken.  Her slit was cleanly shaved, a sight that caused my cock to jump in appreciation.  In her hand was a large dildo.  As she thrust it in and pulled it out, it glistened with her juices.  Every time the length of it was buried inside her she would moan and arch her back against the sofa.  Her large breasts would rise and fall with each thrust.  Her eyes were closed and a small smile played across her lips; her tongue would dart out every so often and run across her lips moistening them before she chewed on her bottom lip and moaned loudly.

The soda sat on the floor next to the chair, full and forgotten.  I could feel my trousers growing tighter and more uncomfortable as I watched the show.  I had the urge to unzip them just to give my cock room to grow, but I wasn’t sure how she would react to such a bold move.  I shifted slightly in the chair giving my cock and balls a chance to adjust to the cramped space they now occupied.  I absently stroked the length of my shaft through the material of the trousers and felt a shudder of pleasure flood through my stomach at the hardness.  There was no turning back now, I thought, and unzipped the trousers as quietly as possible.

The buxom brunette stopped cold and her eyes flew open at the sound of the zipper.  When she was able to focus on me, the smile stretched into a smirk. 

“Surely you’re not going to just sit there and stroke yourself,” she said saucily.

I shrugged my shoulders in reply but said nothing.

She ran her finger over her clit, buried it deep inside her pussy, pulled it out and sucked all her juices off of it.  She arched an eyebrow at me.

“I taste absolutely divine.  Care to try me?”

I nodded.

She practically bounced off the couch and crossed the distance between us in seconds.  She smoothly reached into my trousers and revealed my throbbing cock.  She swirled her tongue around the deep purple head and the skin glistened with her spit.  Slowly she lowered her mouth down the shaft until her nose was buried in my pubes.  While the head of my cock was buried in her throat, she started doing things with her tongue that sent shivers down my spine.  A delightful slurping sound accompanied the best head I’ve ever had and it was taking all my concentration not to shoot a huge load down her throat.  Her fingers brushed against my balls and I nearly shot out of the chair.  Her breasts were rubbing against my thighs as she bobbed up and down on my cock.  I grabbed her hair and eased her off.

“Fuck me,” she gasped.  “Now.”

I dumped her onto her back on the rug and slammed my cock into her so hard the rug scooted across the floor a few inches.  Her hips rose to meet each thrust and she was breathing heavily causing her breasts to move in an entrancing pattern.  I rolled her nipple between my thumb and the pads of my fingers drawing a small yelp from her.  Her legs clasped behind my back and her heels dug into the muscles in my butt with each thrust.  My breathing was coming in short pants and she seemed to sense I was close.

“Come on my face,” she purred between panting breaths.

A few thrusts later I couldn’t hold back any longer.  I pulled out, grabbed her hair, and pulled her head close so I could shoot stream after stream of cum all over her face.   Globs of semen hit her closed eyelids, her nose, and across her painted lips.  When I finished the last few spurts, she pushed me away and grabbed her dildo off the floor where it had fallen when she dashed over to me.  She shoved the dildo in her pussy and pulled my head against her beautiful breasts.

“Bite me,” she demanded.  “Bite my nipples.”

I bit her lightly.

“Harder,” she growled.

I bit her harder and she squealed.  Her stomach started to spasm rhythmically.  She pushed my head away from her nipples.

“Watch,” she said, nodding in the direction of the giant dildo pistoning in and out of her sopping pussy.

I looked down just as she pulled the dildo completely out of her pussy and she squirted all over.  She came so hard she squirted several times and managed to soak the entire front of my trousers and there was a puddle around her ass on the rug.  Her body continued to twitch and spasm for a few minutes while a bright red flush appeared across her gorgeous breasts.

“Thanks,” she said breathlessly, reaching out to fondle my drained cock.



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Khrys Thomas Erotic Story Competition Story 5

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