The Surprise Part 2 an Erotic Story

The Surprise (Part 2)

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You can’t really believe your ears as footsteps flow into the room. You try desperately to count them but there’s no way of telling – two feet? Four? Ten? He said “guys”… The door closes. You feel the blood filling your cheeks – and once again your throbbing cunt – as you picture yourself so exposed and strange eyes on your exposed form.

We have talked about this many times, whispered fantasies and snarled vows, but you never really thought we’d do it. Certainly you’ve had no inkling that this was coming tonight. But there is no escaping the reality of this moment as you hear my voice.

“Well, gentlemen. Here she is. I told you she was beautiful. Are you satisfied?”

Murmurs – how many? How many? – of assent; one deep gruff voice flooding your being: “Oh yes. Beautiful indeed. A wonderful gift.”

Hot breath in your ear, and a hand gently on your cheek, and my voice: “Baby, if you don’t want this, it’s OK. Just shake your head now and they will go. They understand.” For the briefest of moments you consider doing just that – oh my fucking God oh fuck what am I letting myself in for if I don’t? – but you can’t really think at all, the thrill and desire and fascination overwhelm you, and your head stays still but for a deep trembling you couldn’t begin to control.

I speak again: “Good. I never doubted it for an instant… They’re all clean, OK, so you have nothing to worry about. OK? Nod to show me you understand.” I understand… and I trust you… You nod.

“OK, gentlemen. You know the rules: the moment she wants to stop, or I do, for any reason, we stop. Other than that she is all ours. Every last wonderful inch of her. She’s already been fucked ragged this evening but she’ll take plenty more – and I know you have plenty to give her. As you can see, she’s plugged, for now, and freshly scrubbed. The drinks are over there; help yourselves. Everything else is on the bed. Bon appetit…”

And then it begins… First you feel hands upon you, one, two, three, four, five, more, on your face and your breasts and your thighs, stroking and gently kneading and tweaking. Your cunt is awash and you throw your head back as the first fingers reach your clit and your open hole; the images rushing through your mind are an intense combination of memories of reality and fantasies rolling through you at speed as your body is toyed with and explored. And the heat… And the smells… Manliness, raw and many-flavoured, pervades you, the different scents of different men filling your nose and your mind as they swarm over you. You feel lips and tongues on your skin, and teeth gently but firmly pressing into your neck, your shoulders, your feet…

And the voices… Soft, low, strong, high, grating, dripping with desire for you, you count at least four different men addressing you as your body becomes theirs – or, rather, not merely addressing you but discussing you, objectifying you – and it’s a thrill so acute you feel you could pass out…

“You’re very wet, aren’t you, darling? You naughty, naughty little bitch!”

“Amazing tits. Look at these nipples.”

“I’m going to fuck that mouth soon, you slut. And you’re going to swallow the fucking lot.”

“Does she squirt? I bet she squirts.”

“Soon as that plug’s out I’m in that arse.”

“Here” – and a big, rock-hard cock is laid in your hand – “feel this. That’s going right up into you very soon. You fucking want that?” And you nod frantically and moan as you feel its beautiful girth pulsing in your grip, and you start to pump it as best you can with your wrists bound behind you as they are – but it’s pulled away from you and you moan again at its loss but – “Not yet. Not. Fucking. Yet.”

More hands on you, into your hair and pulling it back. Fingers inside you stretching you and squeezing against the plug. A cock pushed against your cheek. A sharp thwack to your right breast, then your left, and you yelp into the gag. Drool flowing freely around the gag in your mouth and down your chin. A finger rolling round and round your clit and you think you’re going to lose it – and then away, away, and you strain for it to come back but it’s gone. More thwacks. More stroking. Soft kisses on your face. You’re starting to lose your mind.

How long this goes on for you have no idea – indeed, for the rest of the evening time loses all meaning for you – but at some point the flash on your flesh withdraws and you’re left for a few moments in a state of agonised need and confusion and suspense, your heartbeat pounding through your head – until you hear my voice in your ear: “Are you OK? Nod if you’re OK…” You nod violently until hands – mine? – grip your head and undo the gag. As your mouth is freed a torrent of saliva flows down your face and neck and for an instant you feel a rush of shame until I slurp it up and kiss you full on the mouth, deeply and passionately.

When I pull back: “Ohfuckohfuckohfuck” rushes from your mouth like the spit of a moment ago, and then you just pant, and gasp, and tremble…

“OK,” I say. “She’s warmed up very nicely. Shall we?”

“Damn fucking right,” someone says, and you feel hands starting to unbind you from the chair. Very quickly you’re freed, but you don’t move – you’re totally unable to – and anyway almost immediately you feel yourself being lifted by the thighs and armpits up off the chair and carried a few paces – and tilted over and laid on all fours on the bed. You are shaking uncontrollably and your arse clenches tightly round the plug inside it as you settle on your knees and elbows on the duvet.

Oh fuck, oh fuck…

And then: a hand in your hair pulling your head down and forward and a very firm, hefty cock pushing itself into your mouth and a shudder of delight coursing through you as this man, whoever he is, starts firmly fucking your mouth, shallow at first but then increasingly deep into your throat – and then a much bigger shudder and a loud moan escaping your full mouth as another cock shoves itself into your quivering cunt, sliding all the way in at first push and pressing your wall tight against the plug. Two pushes, three, four, more, the base of the shaft pushing at your pulsating clit and the cock in your mouth working its way deeper and deeper and – oh FUCK – there and then you start to come, the pressure inside you too much for your wrought body to take any more and a huge orgasmic wave rolls through you as these two cocks and the men on the end of them use you, fucking you in a diabolical rhythm, and you can’t even pull your mouth away as the scream flies from it, muffled and free and muffled and free as the cock drives deeper and deeper down your throat and your legs go into spasm and your arms are ready to give way – but hands are quickly on you and beneath you, holding you up in place so the fucking can continue relentlessly while your orgasm tears you to pieces and remakes you and you are still being used so utterly, so profoundly, as your scream turns into a half-sob-half-moan and you gag on the cock pushing into your throat, gag and gag but craving it deeper and deeper as your shudders subside and then an incoherent shout from above you as the cock in your mouth tautens even more and then explodes into you and your gullet is full of a torrent of spunk, great gloopy jets right down into it as he comes and comes and comes and then collapses and wrenches himself away – and almost before you have time to take a breath there’s another cock fresh for your mouth, even bigger than the last, a ripe, meaty prick pushing into you again – and the pounding behind you continues…

To be continued…

Jack Longman

Story Teller

Story Teller

Mainly the story writing alter ego of 'confessionsofPOFer' not always. Writing about whatever takes his fancy at the time. Any similarity to actual people living or dead and all that jazz is purely coincidental. Probably. Think you can do better? email [email protected] to discuss having your work posted or even having your own blog. Think you could sell your work? check out our sister site

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The Surprise Part 2 an Erotic Story

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