Role Play

How far can you take role play? What do people class as inappropriate?

I recently had a conversation with friends about role play which was interesting, I personally enjoy any kind of role play and am open to try new things always, but what I class as fun may not be to other people for many reasons for example….

‘Sir’ and I had a little role play yesterday which involved a lot of force on his part which is and can be fun as long as you have that trust with each other, safe words etc, this to some people would be totally unacceptable and boarder line rape.

Obviously we are all different as individuals also I have spoken to guys about this topic before which 99% of men obviously love it, but only certain role plays…..

For instance some guys do not like the school girl role play as they feel its inappropriate due to legal reasons, and some guys do not enjoy the dominatrix or women in control role as they feel they want the control, so there is a fine line between what’s deemed inappropriate to certain individuals, obviously couples would discuss this and explain each others needs.

But most couples do not and will not approach the subject or may not want this level of adventure but if you cannot get what you want then you will get it elsewhere.

My best friend told me once and I will never forget it …..

‘If you are not fulfilling your mans needs someone else will’

And this applies to men as well so couples start seriously thinking about each others needs and start exploring and pleasuring.

B x

Role play

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Role Play

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