The First Time

After being married for a long time and being totally faithful, the idea of having sex with someone else should have been a daunting and terrifying experience. It was the opposite. It was liberating, very enjoyable and made me feel positive for the first time in years.

To set the scene, ‘Boat man’ was a guy I met in a pub, on a hen night after drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Sounds disastrous but for me, at that time, he became the perfect man.

After a drunken snog and an exchange of numbers I was shocked the next day when he started texting me. The texts  became more frequent and more explicit. He wanted to kiss me all over and make me cum like no one had before. Who was I to refuse?

The time arrived and this time we were both sober. The minute he kissed me and bit my lower lip I could feel my body responding and tingling in places I had thought a long time dead. I felt alive and wanted him to touch me and begged him to do so.

Kissing my neck (my most erogenous zone) and whispering how sexy I was lowered any inhibitions I may still have had.

Oral sex with a stranger should have been scary but I knew that was the best way to make me orgasm, and he did,  within minutes. Using his tongue in the most sensuous way. Licking, sucking,  biting and driving me wild with desire.

Blow jobs had been a thing in my distant memory but I wanted to for ‘Boat man’. The sounds he was making encouraged me more. I was enjoying this and maybe I could give pleasure as well as receive it.

Suddenly he yanked my head up, picked me up,  shoved me against the wall and thrust deep inside me. Although unexpected I knew this was what I had been waiting for. I had never cum through penetrative sex before. Ever. I did this time.

My legs buckled under the pleasure but he was still holding me up and when I looked up he had a wicked glint in his eye.

I knew then that this first time wouldn’t be the last time. I needed more from this man. I wanted more….

Anonymous Blogger

Anonymous Blogger

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The First Time

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